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IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience- by98.2%iler

IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience by 98.2%iler Palak

Today we have Palak Singhal discussing her IIM Kozhikode interview experience. She was a CAT 2018 aspirant and scored 98.2 percentile overall.

Detailed Profile

Palak is a general non engineer fresher and her past records include 95% in X, 93.5 in XII and 8.7 GPA in her under graduation degree with no prior work experience.

AWT Topic for IIM Kozhikode Interview

Capitalism is slowly and inevitably leading to the extinction of the human race.

The IIM Interview Transcript of Palak Singhal is as follows:

The Panel comprised of two young male interviewers (M1 and M2)

M1: Palak, right? What does your name mean?
Me: Sir it translates to eyelashes in Hindi and is symbolic for agility.
M1: We’ll find that out.
Me: Sure, sir! (With a warm smile)

M2: (Reading my form) Oh, you’ve graduated in psychology. Well, should we be concerned? Can you hypnotise us? (I was quite accustomed to such reactions by now)
Me: Sir, if I would have pursued my masters in psychodynamic therapy, then perhaps. But right now, no I can’t.
M2: (Visibly relieved) Great! We’re safe now.
Me: (Glad that a pleasant rapport had been established)

M1: Palak, what is schizophrenia?
Me: Sir, it is an abnormal psychological disorder which is characterized by a distortion of perception of the physical reality, for example – hallucinations. One may see that which does not really exist. These are visual hallucinations. May hear that which isn’t really present. These are auditory hallucinations. May feel sensations in the body in the absence of any real stimulus. These are tactile hallucinations. Schizophrenia is one of the most dreadful abnormality because there isn’t a 100% cure for it as of yet. There are drugs and therapies which can limit it, but not fully cure it.
M1: Okay.

M2: Have you studied consumer psychology?
Me: Not as part of my academic curriculum, but yes I am well versed with the applications of psychological theories in the domain of consumer research and marketing.

M2: So tell me, from a company’s point of view – what is better? Loyalty or variety seeking?
Me: A company would want their customers to be loyal to their products and not easily switch to another product/brand. That is why we see companies investing heavily in customer retention programs or indulging in incentivization of their loyal customers through innovative loyalty programs/offers.

M2: But don’t you think variety is important too? Isn’t it better if the customer can get access to different types of products instead of sticking to one?
Me: Yes sir, from a customer point of view, variety is definitely important. And the companies should be quick to adjudge this need of customers. They should be able to predict the changing market trends, adapt quickly and introduce a new version/variety of products based on the new wants. For example, PepsiCo recognized the need for portfolio expansion as they saw a change in health trend, a move towards a more organic “good for you” products rather than the seemingly unhealthy snacks. The recognition of this change led PepsiCo to venture into acquisitions like Tropicana and Quaker Oats which proved to be a profitable bid for them in the long run.

M2: What do you think is the role of Social Exchange theory in this interaction between the market and the consumers?

  • Explained the role of reference groups and influencers in decision making during the purchase.
  • Linked it to the premise of celebrity endorsements.
  • Gave an example of Nike’s controversial Colin Kaepernick campaign to explain the influence that social forces of in-group & out-group rivalry exert in the process of purchase.

M2: (Looking at M1) Okay I must say I’m impressed. (M1 nods in approval and gets the cue to lead the question now)

M1: Okay so far we have discussed the subjective aspects, but can you elaborate on a practical manner of measuring the market change? Build a case for us.
Me: Built a blueprint of a hypothetical case on behalf of an FMCG company aiming to measure the change in dietary habits of a rural population segment, explained the methodology to be used, the standardised tools to be employed, the sample survey questions and the process. (Discussion on this research case went on for good 4-5minutes, with cross questioning in between)

I do not specifically remember how, but the topic of body language came up, perhaps through one of my answers.

Suddenly M2 stood up with his arms crossed and clenched tightly near his chest.
M2: Tell me what does this posture say about me?
Me: It conveys that you are unapproachable or aloof.

M2 (Puts his arms on his waist and head high): And, this?
Me: The overarching posture of your body gives it connotations of dominance. It makes you seem like a person who is not very flexible in his dealings.

M2 (Sits down and stretches one of his hand in front of me with the palm facing upwards) This?
(His hand was so close that for a moment I felt he is stretching it for a handshake and I had a strong urge to hold it 😛 But resisted it anyway!)
Me: It denotes your receptivity and openness to ideas.

M2 turns his palm downward with the hand still stretched. And, this?
(I realised he is just pulling my leg now, so I simply laughed out loud and said I don’t know sir!)
M2 joined in the laughter and settled 😀
M1 was looking at my extracurricular achievements meanwhile.

M1: What is this Times of India Award?
Me: I was awarded the Student of the Year Award by Times of India NIE group for overall excellence in academic and extracurricular achievements.

M1: You have mentioned slam poetry as one of your interest areas, tell us about it?
Me – Explained what it means, how it is different from conventional poetry and what themes I have performed on.

M1: What other calls have you got?
Me: All IIMs except B and C, XLRI, IIFT, MDI, TISS, SPJIMR, NMIMS and SIBM.

M1 and M2 – Alright Palak! That’ll be it.
Me: Thank you for your time, Sir!

(I stood up to leave towards the door)

M1 (stopped me midway): How would you describe the interview session?
Me: I’d call it engaging and pleasant. Especially after my last interview (IIM Shillong)!
M1: (chuckling) I see! All the best.

Verdict: Converted.

So this was a great IIM Kozhikode interview experience by Palak. Hope you’re taking notes of how to tackle the IIM interviews.

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