IPMAT Strategy 2024: How & Where To Prepare From

IPMAT Strategy

IPMAT stands for Integrated Programe in Management Aptitude Test. IPMAT is the national-level exam for admissions into the integrated 5-year BBA + MBA program of IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak. Getting into the IIMs is a dream for many who want to have a future in the Management department. Preparing for the IPMAT exam requires a fool proof IPMAT strategy.

IPMAT IIM Indore Exam Pattern

In order to build an IPMAT strategy, you need to be well aware of the IPMAT IIM Indore Exam Pattern. The IPMAT exam is divided into 3 sections where 40 minutes is given to each section, making it a 2 hour exam.

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IIM Indore IPMAT strategy
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore
Details IPMAT IIM Indore Pattern
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Exam Mode Online
Number of Sections 3 Sections
1. Quantitative Ability (MCQ)
2. Quantitative Ability (SA)
3. Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)
Test Duration 120 Minutes 
1. QA (MCQ) – 40 Minutes
2. QA (SA) – 40 Minutes
3. VARC – 40 Minutes
Type of Questions Objective and TITA
Total Questions 90 Questions
1. QA (MCQ) – 30 Questions
2. QA (SA) – 15 Questions
3. VARC – 45 Questions
Total Marks 360
Marking Scheme +4 for every correct answer
-1 for every incorrect answer
No negative marking in QA(SA) section.

IPMAT IIM Rohtak Exam Pattern

IIM Rohtak IPMAT preparation strategy
Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Rohtak
Details IPMAT IIM Rohtak Pattern
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Exam Mode Online
Number of Sections 3 Sections
1. Quantitative Ability (MCQ)
2. Logical Reasoning (LR)
3. Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)
Test Duration 120 Minutes
1. QA (MCQ) – 40 Minutes
2. LR (LR) – 20 Minutes
3. VARC (VARC) – 40 Minutes
Type of Questions Objective Type
Total Questions 100 Questions
1. QA (MCQ) – 40 Minutes
2. LR (LR) – 40 Minutes
3. VARC (VARC) – 40 Minutes
Total Marks 400 Marks
Marking Scheme +4 for every correct answer
-1 for every incorrect answer

IIM Indore’s IPMAT exam gives more weightage to quantitative section, as opposed to IIM Rohtak IPMAT exam that gives equal weightage to all the sections.

IPMAT Eligibility Criteria

Being acquainted with the IPMAT eligibility criteria is important to build an IPMAT strategy. IPMAT eligibility is a set of requirements as mentioned by IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak, the students must fulfill the following criteria to get Admission in IPM course.

  • The candidate should have scored at least 60% aggregate in class 10/SSC or class 12/HSC or equivalent exams.
  • Maximum 20 years of age as on July 31st 2021 is the age limit to take IPMAT exam.

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For an efficient IPMAT preparation strategy, it is essential to keep a note of all the important topics. Given below is a list of all the important topics for IPMAT exam.

How to Prepare for IPMAT Exam

IPMAT Strategy : Study Plan

Since you would have to prepare for both the board exams and the IPMAT exam, it is best that you follow the following steps to balance your IPMAT preparation:

  • Before Board Exams: Make sure you devote at least 2-3 hours to your IPMAT preparation. Cover your basics then move on to understanding the advanced concepts. This should be your basic IPMAT strategy before the 12th Boards.
  • After board exams, your primary focus should be on practicing and revising alone.
  • Depending upon the stream of choice in class 12th, some concepts might already overlap, making your IPMAT preparation easier.
  • Once the board exams have been conducted, make sure to devote maximum time to your IPMAT preparation.

IPMAT is a lucrative career option with its integrated management program, hence, it becomes essential to take the exam seriously by giving your best and sticking to your IPMAT strategy.

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IPMAT Resources

As the IPMAT exam has a wide syllabus, it becomes crucial to cover the entire IPMAT syllabus section-wise. Refer to the “Important Topics” table above for reference of covering important syllabus.

Now, you have a timetable and topics list on your hand, next comes the IPMAT resources. From where should you prepare?

For a structured IPMAT course preparation with all the right IPMAT resources, you can refer to iQuanta that offers the following features:

iQuanta IPMAT Class Schedule

iQuanta’s IPMAT Course Feautures

IPMAT Strategy : Key Tips

  • Make a list of key formulas and keep revising them, this will become an extremely crucial IPMAT strategy in practicing and attempting your IPMAT Quant section.
  • Reference to previous year papers is a must. This will make you habitual of the IPMAT paper pattern and give you an idea of the nature of questions asked in the IPMAT exam.
  • Additionally, after your basics have been cleared (through iQuanta live classes), move on to practicing wide variety of questions through plethora of class assignments provided in the iQuanta student dashboard.
  • Practicing as many concepts as possible is a must. You need to have a hand at attempting wide variety of questions, be it in Verbal or Quants for IPMAT exam. Practising a variety of questions of different concepts is an important IPMAT strategy.
  • Once you have covered your basics and advance concepts, attempted class assignments or PYQs, the next step is taking mocks as many as possible till your final exams.
  • For mocks, you may refer to iQuanta’s IPMAT mocks that are on line with the actual IPMAT exam. This shall help you cover every type of questions with ease in the exam.
  • The final step is rectifying your mistakes: after giving sufficient mocks, analyse which sections are making repetitive mistakes at, and restart solidifying that section by revising its concepts again.

The purpose of above-mentioned strategy is to streamline your IPMAT preparation as much as possible. Hence, make sure to religiously follow the same.

IPMAT Strategy For Verbal Ability

  • Have a list of important vocabulary at hand.
  • Practice RCs and reading articles to improve your comprehension abilities.
  • You can also prefer reading online articles to help you understand english language structure in terms of grammar, vocabulary and other areas.
  • Practice, practice practice! RCs, Para-jumbles, error spotting, comprehension ability, etc. would all benefit from regular practice, either by reading articles or practicing questions.
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IPMAT Strategy For Quantitative Ability

  • The IPMAT strategy for Quants remains the same: memorise the concepts (formulae, etc.) and implement them in a variety of questions.
  • The best strategy in quants is always practicing different number of questions as much as possible. No other strategy can beat this.

Benefits of Taking IPMAT Exam

  • The IPMAT OR IPM program would prepare you in advance to deal with all these concepts during the time of your core MBA.
  • Adds credibility to student’s profile from a very young age.
  • The entry barrier they face when they take IPMAT is much lesser than the competition they’d face had they taken CAT.
  • A five- year program offers enough time to learn, absorb, adapt and grow in MBA journey.
  • Undoubtedly great placements are offered after IPMAT.

Final Thoughts

IPMAT with its wide syllabus, is not easy to crack, but it is not very difficult either, with careful and balanced IPMAT preparation, you can certainly crack the exam. It is also worth all the efforts as it provides an integrated management study that apart from learning and growth, also provides lucrative placements.

In case, you have any questions or need counselling contact iQuanta’s IPMAT counselling team at: 9289442304. To enrol visit: www.iQuanta.in/ipmat


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