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iQuanta CAT Results | iQuanta Toppers Review

iQuanta CAT Toppers Review

Common Admission Test or CAT Exam is the gateway to many prestigious Bschools in India. Namely, the top IIMs like IIM ABC, and bschools like FMS with one of the best ROI. The average package you get after getting into one of the top bschools is also very high.

Also, apart from the salary package, you also get to learn with competitive and ambitious individuals at the bschools. This ensures that you get a fast-paced learning environment.

However, before you go into the top bschools, you need to give competitive exams like the CAT exam. CAT is easy if you learn from the right and relevant resources.

iQuanta IIM ABC Converts

iQuanta’s CAT 99+%ilers

iQuanta’s quality preparation materials are reflected in their result with more than 60 students getting 99+%ile. It is important to note that this result came from a single place. At iQuanta, our aim is to provide you with value to enable you to get into your dream bschool.

iQuanta is deeply happy for its students. After burning the midnight oil and after a year of hard work, lots of rigorous sessions, unlimited doubts solving, 400+ iQuanta students got 95%ile+ and 225 got 97+%ile. 


iQuanta’s 95+%ilers


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iQuanta’s OMET Toppers

For a structured CAT preparation and one-on one counselling, visit the link below.

To join India’s largest CAT preparation community and for free 24*7 doubt clarification, join the group linked below.



Indrajeet Singh
Indrajeet Singh
The mastermind behind IQuanta, Indrajeet Singh is an expert in Quant and has devised some ingenious formulae and shortcuts to significantly cut down on the time taken to solve a problem

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