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IIM ABC Batch Reviews

IIM ABC Batch by iQuanta has been one of the most important products this year where all the students came together to practice a plethora of CAT Level questions curated by iQuanta!
Today marked the 50th Session of this batch. We and neither the students have taken any day off except Sundays since the batch started. The practice started at 9 AM and just like CAT, 3 separate sections were created where the students solved fresh questions posted daily in a time-bound manner.

IIM ABC Batch Feedback by IIM Bangalore Student, Rushikesh Patil

IIM ABC Batch Progress Dynamic : Daily Practice

  1. 110 RCs across various topics with special focus on inference based Question.
  2. 100 VA questions ranging from Para Jumbles to Para Summaries to Odd one outs.
  3. 150 DILR Sets till now from Arrangements, Games & Tournaments, Selection, Constrain Matrix, Abstract Logical Puzzles, etc. The difficult sets also had video solutions provided. If one attempts all these and the upcoming sets, no set in CAT will feel unfamiliar!
  4. 500+ QA Questions covering Arithmetic, Numbers, Algebra, Geometry and Modern Mathematics with multiple approaches.

The questions and the sets as most of you guys have seen are of high quality and from diverse topics.
The sheer number of Questions we have done is akin to giving 30 full length Mocks all in a span of 50 days!
We’re glad to see our students’ progress and how the IIM ABC practice batch is helping them as the D-Day is nearing.
IIM ABC Batch Reviews
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