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MICA Interview Experience & Interview Tips – By Laksh Walia

MICA Interview Experience 

- Laksh Walia

Detailed Profile

Laksh Walia is a B.A graduate in Business Economics with 91.20 % in X, 80.83% in XII and 70.60% in his undergraduation. He also has a prior work experience of 21 months. Let us now dive into Laksh’s MICA interview experience.

MICA Interview experience by Laksh
Laksh Walia, student at MICA.

MICA Group Exercises

My MICA interview was scheduled for Saturday afternoon. My best friend from college, had booked the same slot for MICA GEPI as I. I remember, I was so excited and nervous, I left home around 11:30 for PI scheduled at 1p.m. I reached around 12:30. My GE started at around 3:30. My final PI started at around 6. People before me had interviews ranging from 15 to 25 minutes. It was my first offline interview of the season. My biggest fear – Exhaustion.

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Group exercises at MICA are truly something unique and out of the world. You’ll be divided into random groups of 6 people, and some of them if you convert, you’ll see on campus, and boy does it have memories. My GE topic was, “Blind School”, that’s all they gave. We had chart papers, pencils, pens and a stage. Anything to do. The school of ideas was looking for the best idea we could come up with. At that time, Shark Tank was a huge hit. So what we ended up doing was, a skit, a pitch, a Blind School asking for funding from potential investors, drawing a map of the school and selling its unique features. All this in 20 minutes.

MICA Interview Experience
Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad (MICA)

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MICA Personal Interview Experience

Then comes the MICA Interview experience.

Before the PI, they make you fill a form which includes the questions, What are your three strong likes and three strong dislikes? So I don’t honestly remember my dislikes. What I wrote in my likes was, Loyalty. Pepsi, and Integrity in that order. And what I wanted them to do was to look at Pepsi and ask me about Pepsi and that’s precisely what happened. When I went into the interview, I kept my resume folder aside, sat, and it started.

My friend went before me. So the first question that was shooted at me was, “do you know the person who just went out?” I said, Yes, he’s one of my close friends. “So, if I have to select one of you two, who should it be?” I said that select both of us and we’re
both equally good at what we do and blah, blah, blah, blah.
“No, don’t give me that, give me a good answer.” I mean, honestly, you should like me because I have a marketing based work experience for about two years, which is something I don’t think like he has. (crushed my heart as I entered) That’s the only reason I can think of.

Then they were satisfied and started asking me generic questions. “Tell me about yourself”,
“Why Marketing”, “Why MICA?”. what I did was I had my answers written out and I’d memorize them. And then I improvised. So the thing was, I knew the basic structure of my answers, if you will ask me, tell me something about yourself, I knew the exact five keywords that need to go in there. And then I evolved. I think that is crucial to your answers because it helps avoid blabbering at that point.

It was then followed by questions on work experience, which is where I wanted to have the
conversation, before they steered it to asking me about my bad grades in class 12th and
undergraduation. I was asked the reason for my poor performance straight up. (crushed my heart again). I then went on to explain how I was distracted by co curriculars and found it difficult to manage my time, which I had worked on in undergraduate with better grades, and want to keep improving at MICA. Again, one of the key points was that I knew my answers, and they were structured. I explained the situation, key problem/task, how I’ve understood and worked on it, and what in the future.

It then went to the exact point where I wanted it to go. They asked me, “I wonder, why you’ve put Pepsico in the middle of your likes”. I answered that I like the drink and the brand.
I had done immense research on Pepsico, and that is where they played. I had prepared the following questions. Favorite company? Pepsico. Favorite leader? Indira Nooyi. What do I want to do after my MBA? Be at an FMCG. Which FMCG? Pepsico. I had prepared brand strategies, Frito Lay mergers, and the brands under the Pepsico umbrella. However, I was asked something entirely MICAn. They asked me, what are my three favorite Pepsico campaigns, and why do I like them? I answered. They then asked me to list three campaigns I dislike. I asked for a second to think, because in all my research, this is not an answer I had prepared, but I knew. I framed my answer and gave it to them. They asked me further questions on this, and it went on for 10-12 minutes, before one of the panelist looked up and said, “I’m wondering if you slyly put Pepsico up there so that we ask you this”. I replied cheekily, “If it’s working, I’m more than happy sir”.

I was then asked if I had any questions for them. I am always a big supporter and fighter for sustainability, so I asked them what MICA was doing for sustainability. I told them, I saw these things (planting a tree for a guest lecturer, etc) in my primary research, but what else for an ecosystem. They told me about the zero waste campaign they had been running, and finished at “Rest you’ll get to know at campus.”

I went out with hopes from my MICA interview, but then I talked to seniors and got to know, they barely ever mean it when panelists say stuff like this. I waited for the next 2 months, and finally one evening, when I looked at the result, I had tears flowing. I had finally converted, the “MECCA of Marketing”.

Verdict : MICA Converted

MICA Interview Experience Key Tips

If my MICA interview experience had been too long to read, I’ll sumup my advices in the next 5 points.

  • Be calm before your MICA interview, offline process can sometimes be long and tiresome
  • Prepare your answers well. Don’t memorize, but at least know your keywords.
  • Fill your MICA pre interview form very seriously. Use anything you get to your advantage.
  • Use your Tell me about yourself very smartly. Be precise, and honestly that is a major
    MICA interview driver.
  • Be passionate. Relax and enjoy your interview. This is a journey, and you’ll love it at the end, but you’ll love the process more.

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