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Online Coaching: A revolution in CAT preparation

Obviously there are in-numerous online coaching platforms and especially for an exam as CAT, it becomes reasonably important to choose all the right moves to get to that dream percentile for every sincere aspirant. On observing closely, the Common Admission Test is designed in a way that it necessarily requires strategic planning and a deep understanding of the basic theory behind the majorly covered concepts. These concepts could range from any of the sections and is just not limited to, as we may imagine, the quantitative aptitude questions only. Even the sections as Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension require more than just simulating and mugging. “Verbal ability actually is just as conceptual and twisted as numbers” said a CAT16 top percentiler in his interview to a local newspaper. All these vivid perspectives put into one frame will most certainly point towards nothing less than a direction called fine mentoring.

The headache is to have a coaching platform that not only fulfills all needs of a test taker but also clings to the flexibility of the user. Online platforms, thus, have played a mammoth role in transforming the way tutoring functions amongst us now. In common parlance, these platforms just have a website and one has to pay several thousands to get a required study pack for themselves and often times, a few demo youtube videos to acclimatize with the teaching pedagogy of a particular coaching chain. The lack of a forum, rather a free forum to get the complete feel of teaching patterns and some personal assistance on CAT is hard to find nowadays. In this exact case, the CAT Preparation Group of iQuanta gives oneself a complete win-win situation. This is a typical user friendly group of test takers of  B-school exams from all over India. It has anyone to everyone from a simple 60% graduate in psychology, passed out recently and aspiring for some corporate standing to an already brushed golden 99.9 percentiler; busy giving tips and tricks to the members of the same group. Not only that, the group is actively visited by the faculty of the iQuanta, the paid online coaching website.

The team has done decent efforts to bar irrelevant commenting and posting whatsoever, to keep the group completely on the prime focus and also, to give the members a civilized community of people who are actually sitting somewhere to answer all their doubts and apprehensions for free, in less time. The group has impressively (as the platform started just a few years ago) crossed a mark of total 1,60,000+ followers and the activities too have advanced in the view of that. It is remarkable to notice the active participation of members in their video events held quite continually. “Though it is a good thing to have collected too many followers in such less time, but honestly, numbers never mattered at all. We just wanted to be straightforward with the approach and after having a group of our own, it makes us capable enough to understand the needs of an average student really well. The eclectic personal insights give us a lot of inputs” said Indrajeet Singh, the founding person of the brand iQuanta, in a comment to highlight his thoughts over the present scenario of things.

There can’t be a thumb rule for a necessary coaching or a necessary self-study mantra for CAT because that is purely personal choice and depends largely on the capabilities of several different aspirants, but to remain updated with the current developments of MBA and to engage in open minded discussions as the ones that happen on this group, is something not only interesting but should be treated as a per-requisite for every aware test-taker.


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