Placement process in IIM Trichy


Placement process in IIM Trichy

Unlike my previous entries, this is going to be a relatively short one. Because this article will be more inclined towards facts and not opinion. I will be taking you through the placement process in IIM Trichy – the kind of roles that are put on the table for the students, debunking various myths surrounding the process at IIM-T. Although I’m a very recent alumnus of the college, I would suggest you not solely rely on this article for your decision but consult with various other alumni before you take your final call. 

Companies & Roles:

The placement drive for the year 2020-21 was a bit of a surprise, to be honest since everyone was uncertain about how the placements would go given the not-so-generous disruption caused by Covid-19. We had a range of companies coming in, with a wide variety of roles ranging from roles in domains like data analytics, consulting, sales, finance, marketing, and operations. There was a surprisingly steady increase in the influx of Data Analytics companies compared to previous years so much so that the reputation of IIM T as the “The New IIM for Finance” was at stake.

Debunking some myths:

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph about IIM Trichy being the home of finance aspirants joining new IIMs, I’d like to address this as well.
I’m not saying there is a dearth of finance roles here. There is an adequate number of good finance roles and a good few exceptionally good opportunities for finance aspirants. We have some ~20 odd students who landed a job as an IB analyst in the last two years alone. So there is no shortage of finance opportunities. But the problem arises when there is a mismatch between supply and demand. There are lots of finance aspirants who join thinking they’d end up in an IB role in a top IB company. But only ~20% end up in a finance role that they want and is good. Rest 80% end up joining with huge aspirations of landing an IB role, spending lakhs into a CFA certification and end up getting placed in a data-analytics role or a consulting role. I’m not saying it’s not worth it. But you should not let survivorship bias come in between you and your decision. It could cost you your career. I mean, when only 20%-odd end up in a good finance role, if you do the probabilities right, the risk-reward ratio doesn’t really paint a good picture given the additional CFA cost, which becomes almost mandatory for everyone else is doing it.

How to approach the placement drive:

Fortunately, the placement teams we had over the past couple of years have been good, so the placement scene has been steadily going up.

When it comes to new IIMs, opportunities are always there. Most certainly you will end up with a job in your hand when you leave college after 2 years. But “good” opportunities are few. And it is vital you prepare yourself and keep yourself up-to-date in order to push off the intense competition.
Remember, everyone you encounter in an IIM is not there by chance. They worked their socks off to be there. So don’t expect anyone to be easy on you. You will have to be constantly on your toes to get the role or the job that you desire. Although don’t lose hope if you don’t end up in a job/role that you want during your summers. Let me tell you, 9 in 10 don’t intern in a company/role that they want. So don’t fret too much about that. If you like the role, go ahead and look for a PPO. Or else, sleeves up and push for the placement drive.
Anyway, all the best for your future. Take a wise decision. Don’t base your decision on hearsays. Consult with people studying inside to see how the college is run, and other voices before taking your final call. I mean, you’ve come so close to fulfilling your dream of doing an MBA, it wouldn’t hurt to put an extra mile into a decision that might make or break your career. All the best, again!

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