Top 10 Reasons You Should Start Preparing For CAT Exam 2023 Early

If you are a CAT aspirant and confused about when to start preparing, here are the 10 top reasons you should start preparing for the CAT exam 2023 early. Let’s begin from the basics. Every year, thousands of students appear for CAT, but only a few clear the exam.

What do you think the students who achieve their goal do differently? Are they super-intelligent or more capable than you? Maybe it is not about being brainy, brilliant, or well-informed. It is about focus, persistence, and devoting the time desired to crack the CAT exam.

Well, we are not saying that a long-term CAT exam preparation method is the only method that will help you accomplish your dream of fulfilling your desired goals. But it is a sure-shot way to benefit the preparation of each section: Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation.

Who Can Appear For CAT 2023?

CAT exams are conducted every year in late November to early December. The following people, non-working and working, who can appear for CAT exams are:

  • Students in their final year of graduation. They can start preparing for the CAT exam as early as in the 1st or 2nd year.
  • Currently, in job after completing Bachelors Degree from any stream. 

What Is The Age Limit To Appear For CAT 2023?

There is no age limit to appear for CAT exams. The only criteria will be that you must have a Bachelors Degree to appear for CAT.

There are all types of students with different learning patterns. Some prefer binge-study, who like to study for hours at a stretch in a day, without taking any breaks in between. While there are others with lesser concentration span who prefer taking few breaks between the learning sessions. Furthermore, there are students who start preparing early to appear for the CAT exam. These are the kinds who maintain a healthy balance in life, fulfilling their personal and social obligations without disturbing their study time.

We Suggest The Top 10 Reasons You Should Start Preparing For CAT Exam 2023 Early

Are you a CAT aspirant? But you are confused about when to start preparing for the CAT exam 2023. We suggest you, the time is now. Read on to know the top 10 reasons why you should start preparing for CAT exam 2023 early.

Understanding the exam pattern – It will help you understand the CAT pattern, like time duration, number of questions, the speed, and accuracy of answering each question. You can build up on your speed during the preparation time, as CAT is a computer-based timed-test.
Creating a study plan and strategy – The most important factor on which your CAT preparations depend is whether you have a study plan and strategy in place. If you do not know what you want to begin with first, and how much time each topic requires, believe me, it is a definite recipe for disaster. Long-term preparations give you ample time for learnings, revisions, and reviews. So design a structured and systematic study plan to help you stay motivated.  
Time Division – Students who appear for CAT prepare for three sections: verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, and logical reasoning and data interpretation. Time management and time division play a vital role in CAT exam preparation. Hence, starting early in the journey gives you ample time to devote to each section.
Know your core strengths and weaknesses – When we have a lot of time to prepare for the CAT exam, we can work our way through understanding the section, subjects, and topics. Accordingly, we can analyse our core strengths and determine our shortcomings. Let’s assume you are good at quantitative aptitude, and it requires less time and attention, but you need to work hard on verbal ability. Once you know which section or subject deserves more time, you can accordingly change your study plan.

If you are finding clarity in the reasons why you should start preparing for CAT exam early, then keep reading.

Discipline and Persistence – The two key factors to crack the CAT exam are discipline and persistence. There are no short-cuts to achieve your goals. Wake up every day, take small but productive steps by staying determined to achieve your target.
Mock Tests – Though not necessary, it is advisable to take pre-preparation and post preparation mock tests. It gives the students a fair idea of the actual CAT exam, the questions that can come in the exam, and about the marking. This further increases the chance of clearing the CAT exam and score a high percentile. Mock tests are also a great way to understand the sections that you need to put in more efforts.
Read, Read, and Read – This is the sanest advice you will ever hear from the students who appeared for and cleared the CAT exam. And also from the mentors, who will help you prepare for the CAT exam.  You can begin by reading the front page, editorial page and business page of newspapers like Economic Times/Mint/The Hindu. You can also read Business Magazines like Forbes and Business World. This will help you to comprehend the data with speed. 
Online CAT Exam Preparation Program – You don’t have to struggle alone. Know that CAT exams need full support to keep you on track. Opt for an online CAT exam preparation program. You can choose from a crash course to a full-time course depending on your requirement.
Online Counselling and Doubt Sessions – If you feel stuck anytime while preparing for the CAT exam, it is a good idea to opt for online counsellings and doubt sessions for clarity. 

Students have an intense pressure to clear the CAT exam. Some of whom may have been preparing since longer than the others, appearing for the CAT exam for numerous times. You do not have to make it difficult for you any further. Once you have decided to appear for the CAT exam, that is exactly the time to start preparing for it.

Is Self-Study Sufficient?

One Question Every CAT Aspirant Seeks an Answer To

Every CAT aspirant student gets confused when it comes to deciding about self-study to prepare for the CAT exam or to join a CAT exam preparation program. Let’s first understand that we all perceive things differently, and we all have a set way of learning. Some of you may feel self-study is sufficient, while most of you may feel the need to start with the coaching program right away.

Though it is an individual choice, but joining a CAT exam preparation program has its own benefits.

Benefits of joining a CAT Exam Preparation Program

  • Access to live sessions
  • Access to pre-recorded session videos
  • Q&A answered with the earliest response
  • Lot of study material provided for the CAT exam preparation
  • Your progress is tracked and evaluated
  • Self-Mock Analysis
  • Rigorous practice sessions
  • Doubt clearing 24×7 support

With all your queries answered, we hope you are ready to embark on your CAT exam preparation journey.

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