What would 2019 look like for iQuanta?

 In the past one year, we have stayed committed to our core value of free assistance to all. We had dedicated faculties solving doubts for all including a sizeable proportion of candidates who had not enrolled into our courses. You would be delighted to know that we solved 50,000+ questions for students absolutely free, to put this in perspective we solved the entire TIME preparation material about 12 times over in one year. This was an enormous target for us when we started this year, now that we have achieved this our Founder & CEO Indrajeet Singh is planning to scale new heights in 2019. We are aiming to double this number this year and solve over 1,00,000 questions through our CAT Preparation Group and free sessions on our Facebook Page.

A good teacher has to be good student too as learning is a continuous process. Teacher can only grow and improve if they continue to learn and impart more knowledge to its students. We at iQuanta have believed in constantly experimenting, learning from those experiments and improving the quality of mentoring for our students. As they say, when the intentions are right, outcomes are great too. It’s been another successful year for us at iQuanta. We have tried new things in the past year (2018) with the launch of our own Mock Series – iCAT to help students evaluate themselves better. We achieved market differentiation by moderating the difficulty level to match that of the actual CAT exam. The idea was never to scare students into enrolling for last hour courses but really help them identify their weak areas and improve upon them. It was received well from all quarters.  The mock series will remain the area of focus in 2019 as well for us as well. We would come up with an improved platform to offer the students enhanced user experience.

Another crucial aspect that we worked on last year was using visual aids for conducting classes. The quantitative aptitude classes and the verbal ability classes could be conducted well in the existing format but for LRDI we brought in video sessions. They helped the students visualize better and grasp the concepts more firmly. The popular demand has been to bring video sessions for all the three sections, keeping students’ needs at the forefront iQuanta plans to launch complete set of video sessions in the coming year. The videos will cover all the concepts for each of the three domains so that students can revise as per their convenience which is the essence of what we offer.

One question that we often pondered upon is that ‘when all the students are taught with the same rigor then why is there a difference in results?’ The obvious answer is some practice more and some lack the diligence. What could be a cause for that, if everyone has joined the classes they must have been motivated to give it their best right? Well, at the start everyone is but gradually it dies down for some, becomes intermittent for others and remains consistent for some. Thus, we got a motivational speaker to conduct regular free sessions for all the candidates regardless of whether they are iQuanta students or not so that they are always motivated to push their boundaries.

With all these efforts, we are expecting more than 40 students to cross 99%ile mark in the current batch and aiming at higher number in coming year.


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