Top Reasons For Investing Your 2 Years In Premier B-Schools

Taking CAT this year? You should read this. According to a study by  the ASSOCHAM education committee in 2016[2], there are over 5,500 MBA colleges in India which are functional. And out of these colleges, only 7% of the total MBA graduates are employable enough to suit the needs of the industry, says the report. Hence, it makes it all the more necessary for every b-school aspirant to carefully select the b-school, one wants to invest their precious two years in. It is for this reason that many aspirants prefer the IIMs and other top B-schools in our country. Is it just the name of the institution, that matters? Or are there other factors that make the top b-schools unique? Let’s find out. No, I am not going to say the cliché ‘Brand name’ which you have probably heard a hundred times. Let’s get real.


The importance of the alumni network of the top business schools cannot be understated. It is one of the most significant assets for any MBA college. Having a committee of students separately dedicated to work on alumni relations shows the gravity with which the educational institutes are working towards keeping a strong relationship. Top IIMs have around 10,000 strong alumni base or beyond. The alumni from these reputed b-schools go on to become industry leaders in a few years. As a result, these colleges rightfully boast about having created leaders in almost all sectors of the industry.


Ask any MBA aspirant what are the top three things they want, after they complete their MBA. Most would have ‘a huge salary package with a good company’ in their list. One of the major reasons why top business schools are a preferred choice among the aspirants is the excellent placement opportunities that they provide in terms of the salary and the company. Most of these top MBA colleges show an upward increase in the average amount of salary offered, year after year. This shows how the companies value the institution and trust the students by recruiting every year.

The MBA Experience

One thing that you would hear from a lot of the alumni when you ask them what their biggest takeaway was, would be ‘the experience’. The life that a student experiences in these top b-schools cannot be defined quantitatively. After the MBA, the feel of nostalgia which we get through the memories that we created, the laughter we shared and the smiles we saw, is what makes ‘the MBA experience’ all the more special. Next time, when you hear a senior say ‘I had the best moments in my college’ you know that it cannot be any farther from the truth.

Industry Readiness

MBA is all about pushing yourself to the limit, making mistakes and learning from them and coming back stronger. The rigorous schedules and late night submissions with shorter deadlines requires teamwork, effective communication, handling pressure, planning and execution. If you look at it from a broader perspective, these are the skills that are mandatory to succeed in any corporate. These top b-schools ensure that the students learn what is necessary to be industry-ready.

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Peer Learning

The quality of students who come in year after year to these reputed institutes to carry forward the legacy sets, these b-schools apart. These colleges have students from different parts of the country who have excelled and achieved significant feats in their lives. The competition which one faces in the b-school is immense. The accepting atmosphere along with the tendency to help others and grow enables the students to share the knowledge with each other.


This is probably the only place where you are going to see a lawyer, a doctor, a Michelin star chef, an Olympiad winner all under one roof as a student. The administration from these top b-schools also try ways to include more diversity in every batch. IIM Kozhikode has over 50% of female students enrolled in the batch of 2020-2022, which is a commendable feat. When you are exposed to a diverse environment of welcoming community, you get to challenge your own perspectives, analyse, learn and grow. And also, you get friends for life.


The pedagogy that is followed in these b-schools is another important defining factor. And the pedagogy is planned by experienced faculty who are experts in their fields. The immense respect that the faculty get from their students, while and after the MBA, tells about the quality of education that is bestowed by these faculty. You do not get to gain just academic knowledge, you learn life lessons from them as well. These top b-schools also have visiting faculties from top organizations and other institutes which also helps the students.

Live Projects

Students from these top b-schools also get many opportunities to work with start-ups and gain first-hand knowledge about how an organization functions on a whole or specific to the roles, by participating in live projects. Start-ups are always on the look out for accomplished students who can add value to the organization. Many companies approach top b-schools in our country and provide live project opportunities to the interested students, usually for a month. The students have a chance to implement their understanding and knowledge in these live projects and also get mentored by the company’s executives.

B-school Competitions

B-school competitions are one of the greatest opportunities for any student to prove themselves to a company. Top corporates want to work with the best minds in the country. They organize case competitions and identify the most talented students who fit in their organizations. An interesting thing to note here is that, many of these competitions are not open for students from every b-school in our country. Some corporate case competitions allow only students from these top b-schools to participate. Campus winners and National winners stand a chance for a Pre Placement Interview (PPI) or sometimes even Pre Placement Offer (PPO) with the organization.


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