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CAT 2022 Crash Course + IIM ABC Practice Batch

iQuanta has finally launched the much-awaited CAT 2022 Crash Course + IIM ABC Practice Batch. Here you are going to find highly relevant material for your CAT 2022 preparation. Get access to live classes, application-based classes, practice sessions, daily initiatives, topic-wise assignments, video solutions, instant 24×7 doubt solving (within 2 minutes), mocks, one-on-one counselling with the faculties and various other perks. Along with this, get 7500+ CAT level practice questions in the IIM ABC Batch.

IIM ABC Practice Batch Trailer:

iQuanta’s CAT 2022 Crash Course Details

Complete CAT Revision via CAT Classes, Mega Marathons, All day round Practice and Tests.

Conceptual + Application Classes:

  • Quant : 90+ Hours of Live Sessions | 150+ Videos | 600+ Questions
  • LRDI : 40+ Hours of Live Sessions | 200+ Videos | 600+ Questions
  • VARC : 40+ Hours of Live Sessions | 150+ Videos | 600+ Questions

Rigorous Practice Session During Daytime after Each Night Class

  • QA Bonus : Mega Marathons of Geometry, Algebra & Arithmetic each consisting of 100 CAT Level Questions.
    These 3 topics sum upto 85% of your total Quants and can easily score 99+ if you take it seriously.
  • LRDI Bonus : LRDI 70 Initiative by Indra
  • VARC Bonus : Unique Genre wise RC Videos explained in detail apart from Live class & 50 class RC videos.
  • 9 Workshops on QA, LRDI & VARC
  • Mocks : 15 CAT full mocks | 30 Sectionals | 10 Non-Cat mocks
  • Dual Pedagogy Teaching with Both Conceptual Live Stream as well as Live Application Sessions.
  • A combination of well-explained shortcuts & concepts.


  1. Doubts : 24 x 7 within 15-30 mins
  2. Live Conceptual Class : 7-9pm Daily
  3. Live Application Class : 10pm-12am Daily
  4. Rigorous Practice During Daytime
  5. Sundays for Self Mock Analysis

CAT 2022 Crash Course and IIM ABC Practice Batch Course Details:

  1. Quants: 2500 CAT Level Quant Questions designed by iQuanta
  2. VARC: 500 CAT Level RC Sets designed by iQuanta
  3. LRDI: 500 CAT Level LRDI Sets designed by iQuanta

CAT Exam 2022

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is a computer-based test conducted every year by IIMs on a rotational basis for admissions into postgraduate management programs all over India. The exam assigns a score to a candidate based on their performance in the three sections – Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, and Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation.

CAT Exam Pattern & Syllabus

The syllabus for CAT has in fact been somewhat unpredictable, especially the DILR section. From the year 2020, the CAT exam experienced some adjustments, with the duration of the test being lowered from 3 hours to 2 hours. The number of questions in each segment has also been lowered. The exam is normally scheduled in two sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening.

The CAT Exam is divided into 3 sections, spanning 40 minutes each, making it a 2-hour exam.

DetailsCAT 2023 Pattern
Test duration2 hours
Test slots3
Total number of questions in CAT66 (varies)
Total marks198
No. of questions in VARC section of CAT24 (varies)
No. of questions in CAT DILR section20 (varies)
No. of questions in CAT QA section22 (varies)

As per previous years, the paper pattern has been:

Section 1: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension – 24 Questions (19 non-MCQs)
Section 2: Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation – 22-24 Questions (6-8 non-MCQs)
Section 3: Quantitative Aptitude – 22 Questions (14 non-MCQs)

The tricky part of the above pattern is that CAT does not allow you to switch between sections, i.e. you have to complete the section within 40 minutes to move on to the next one as per the above order.

iQuanta’s CAT Crash Course 2022

Crash Course of iQuanta technically acts like a Revision + Rigorous Practice Batch which includes both Concepts and their Application. Though the practice takes place all day round in the last 2 months. CAT Crash course of iQuanta worth Rs 12k is completely free for iQuanta Full Course enrolled Students. 

CAT Mocks 2022

A student technically should start taking Mocks after 50-60% of their syllabus is over, which must include Arithmetic.

CAT Mocks by iQuanta will start from July Mid and till CAT in November.

CAT 2022 Crash Course + IIM ABC Batch Details

iQuanta has completely designed the course, keeping the current CAT standards.
All the questions are what is expected in the CAT exam.
  • VARC – Inference, main idea and application based questions form the bulk.
  • LRDI – CAT LRDI Sets have an elegance to them. The sets are tricky but become solvable if you get to the first entry in the sets. What do I mean when I say first entry? The first thing that should hit you while you see that set. This is something that only comes in with familiarity and the correct approach.The sets which we will be doing are an exact replica of the thought process of the CAT Exam.
  • QA: The focus is on how to use the theory or the concepts across variety of questions segregated topic wise. We have ensured that you find tonnes of exact CAT level questions on all the topics. We will build your endurance and approach from the scratch.

iQuanta CAT 2022 Crash Course + IIM ABC Features

What Makes iQuanta the Best CAT Preparation Platform?

99.98 %ler, with 100%le in Quant
99.90 %ler with 99.92 in Quant
99.85 %le with 99.95 in Quant

1. 24×7 Doubt Solving in iQuanta CAT Course 

As an aspirant, anyone would want their doubts to be cleared immediately, as they arise at any time of the day. This is the ideal situation. Immediate doubt clarification could be a great addition to your exam’s preparation.

This is why we at iQuanta provide free doubts solving mechanisms on our CAT preparation FB group. Therein, you are able to ask your doubts whenever they arise, i.e, 24×7 doubt solving. All you need to do is post your doubts in the group and it will be resolved within 10 minutes of posting.

To know the steps to 24×7 doubt clarification in detail, click here.

3. Peer-to-Peer Learning in CAT students Community

A community is very important, as having a dedicated community at one place will provide you with the necessary support for your preparation.

In our secret Facebook group and in our public Facebook group, every student studies in a group wherein they learn from each other by asking and solving doubts, sharing strategies and uplifting each other by providing motivation. A functioning ecosystem is built that is engaging as well as informative.

Click here to know more about iQuanta’s peer-to-peer learning and how they managed to create an engaging community.

4. iQuanta’s Interactive CAT Classes : Dual Pedagogy

Listening passively has certain disadvantages because one is not actively involved in the learning process. And as we have limited attention spans, any student will not be able to listen attentively for an extended period of time.

Hence, short attention spans can be increased through iQuanta’s dual pedagogy wherein the focus is not only on teaching theoretical concepts but also application-based learning.

How iQuanta conducts it’s interactive classes? Click here to find out.

5. iQuanta’s Past CAT Results

iQuanta’s quality preparation materials are reflected in their result, with more than 60 students getting 99+%ile. It is important to note that this result came from a single place. At iQuanta, our aim is to provide you with value to enable you to get into your dream b-school.

Check out how Avinash Singh, a boy who belonged to a village with no schools got 99.5%ile in CAT. To watch more such videos click here.

iQuanta is deeply happy for its students. After burning the midnight oil and after a year of hard work, lots of rigorous sessions, unlimited doubts solving, 400+ iQuanta students got 95%ile+ and 225 got 97+%ile. 

Click here to check iQuanta’s detailed past CAT results.

We do not just cater to the bright ones. iQuanta also has a history of getting students from a lower to a higher percentile.

For a structured CAT preparation and one-on one counselling, visit the link below.

To join India’s largest CAT preparation community and for free 24*7 doubt clarification, join the group linked below.



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