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Life At SIBM Pune – Vimran Singh

Life At SIBM Pune

By -Vimran Singh

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune is one of 15 sister institutions affiliated with Symbiosis International University (SIU) and is consistently recognized as one of the best MBA programmes in the country.

SIBM’s Executive MBA Program is an excellent choice for me to advance my skills and prepare for a managerial and leadership career. This programme allows me to participate in classroom learning, which is essential for successful peer learning and networking. Aside from the great and highly experienced internal faculty, SIBM also employs industry leaders and specialists who give the most up-to-date practical insights, allowing me to improve both professionally and personally. I knew it would be a challenging task since I would have to sacrifice family time, weekends, studies, and job pressure for the next 30 months.

Life At SIBM Pune

Experiential learning and case study-based learning enable me to get the most information and stay up to date on industry developments. This training is assisting me in reaching my full potential and has changed the way I conduct myself professionally and personally. I would strongly suggest this programme to working professionals who want to improve their business acumen, enhance their business abilities, explore new ways of working, and prepare to be effective future leaders.

SIBM Pune also has a student-driven culture in which students take on the role of representing the institution to the outside world. There are a total of 9 councils and 6 interest groups, which allow students to use their decision-making and communication skills in areas where they are most needed. Juggling studies, contests, and council duties, and then taking a break for other activities, is what makes SIBM scholars corporate-ready. It improves time management abilities while emphasising the significance of prioritising chores. This rigour via exposure distinguishes SIBM from the majority of other business schools in the country.

SIBM Pune’s daily routine The Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), located in Pune, was founded in 1978 as a division of the deemed-university Symbiosis International. It is situated in a serene and peaceful setting that is yet vibrant and active. According to the 2019 NIRF Management Ranking, the top 20 B-schools in the nation in terms of success include SIBM Pune. A chance to live in harmony with nature while receiving the best possible education is provided by SIBM Pune, which is situated in the lush, deep forest of Lavale. A full-time MBA, an Executive MBA, and an Executive PG diploma are just a few of the great management programmes that the B-school offers.

Life at SIBM

SIBM Pune, situated away from the city, is one such campus to keep an eye on. The magnificent campus is situated on a hilltop with a calm view of Pune, making it suitable for rigorous academics while also providing a breath of fresh air. If you are interested in attending SIBM Pune or have been given admission, you have probably heard about the great campus life there; you will not be disappointed. After a long day of lectures, homework, club meetings, and activities, the beautiful green campus and pleasant wind will help you get through it all.

Life at SIBM Pune provides the ideal mix of your objectives and inner calm; the fire within you will harmonise with the cool, agreeable surroundings in which you will dwell.

It’s a fantastic feeling to be seated in an assembly hall during a lecture, with a wide airy window to your right, looking out over a valley and the distant city of Pune. The vistas are stunning around the day, especially from the amphitheatre, which hosts a variety of cultural events. Needless to say, the campus and amenities are cutting-edge. We have a well-managed library with a large number of volumes as well as subscriptions to databases and journals.

Life at SIBM Pune

The hostel life on campus is another highlight for each student. Staying away from home but making acquaintances who will become family may be a genuinely unforgettable experience. These are the folks who will laugh with you on your good days and cry with you on your bad. You’ll attend courses together, complete homework, compete in competitions, participate in various sports, and even spend the rare chilly Pune night in a hostel room playing cards while listening to loud music.

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