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CAT Journey of Sagar Tavse : 99.06 %ler

Hello Guys. My journey may not be as I expected it would be still I thought I should share my Online CAT preparation experience 😊

I started my CAT18 preparation in January when I joined Indrajeet Singh’s iQuanta. Being a working professional, I had to make the most out of my time and this is where iQuanta helped me a lot. From attending remote classes to solving doubts on the paid group, everything one click away makes life easier and more accessible. Once you associate with Indrajeet sir as a person, you realise how hardworking and dedicated he is and how the classes give the best online coaching for CAT.

Indrajeet sir was more as a mentor than a faculty, guiding me through mocks, strategy, revision and exam day preparation. Undoubtedly, doubt solving is the best at iQuanta (because I have been part of other renowned courses too). Rarely did I solve any material, all my practice was with iQuanta or mocks. I had given ample mocks throughout the season, analysed it with faculties and prepared thoroughly. Probably the best I could give from my side. Somethings should be left for the destiny 😊

Then came D-Day. I was confident and geared up for the exam. VARC had always been my weakest section, but surprisingly that day I was able to catch up nicely enough in the section and was happily entering into DILR. If you have prepared thoroughly for the exam, you can feel it when you are attempting. You know how you’re performing. DILR had been my forte, especially accuracy. Went bang-on solving 24 questions but completely unaware that I had seriously messed up 2 sets. Till this time was happy enough with the exam. Then came my favourite section, Quants. It had to be my day if not this. Started solving/messing up questions and ended up with 1 attempt in 15 minutes. What do you do after this? Same did I. Laid my head down feeling I have already lost it and there’s no more point in giving the exam anymore. But, no, there was this feeling of not giving up, started solving questions again with more speed and ended up with 22 attempts in quants (good accuracy). VARC and QA helped me somehow sail to the 99th.

Score: OA (99.06)
Take away is, 25th was completely my anti-Day, couldn’t play on my strengths. The only thing that stuck with me was the strategy. Stick to your strategy and always focus on all three sections equally.
Indrajeet Sir has played a major role in this because initially, I used to practice only quants and LRDI but he forced me to pay equal attention to verbal which finally paid off.
I highly recommend iQuanta. It is the best for Online CAT preparation and would also urge you to start as early as possible. Starting early gives you extra leverage of trying out strategies and taking more and more mocks.
In the end, work hard and enjoy harder 😊

To structure your CAT Preparation in an efficient way consider visiting iQuanta website and being a part of iQuanta CAT 21 Course at www.iQuanta.in.
You can also check out and be a part of their Facebook group for peer learning, doubt solving and free material. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rockthecat

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