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CAT LRDI Strategy – Aiming 99%ile

CAT LRDI Strategy

Are you curious to know the CAT LRDI strategy to score 99%ile? Let’s get you started.
Many aspirants consider Logical Reasoning as the toughest part in CAT examination. Logical Reasoning questions usually come with 3/4 bits. A paragraph is given with full of information followed by 4-6 questions. You have to read the information thoroughly and apply your logic for answering these questions. The first and most important step in solving an LR problem is to write down all of the information given in a box, table or diagram. For example, if the problem involves seating arrangements at a round table, always draw the table first and then try various permutations and combinations of people seated around it. Once you have drawn the figure for the problem, you are free to think with a clear mind. LR problems usually contain several statements which serve as clues to solving the given questions. Thus, the problem should always be attempted in a methodical manner, and solved step-by-step, because trying to look at all the information at once will confuse even the best of us.
All you need for cracking LRDI is the familiarity over CAT Type LRDI Sets. Means if you have solved 300-400 CAT Type LRDI sets till CAT you will be able to solve at least 50% in CAT 2023. And how much you can get by solving 50% sets in CAT exam ? 99%ile | In CAT 22 if you could solve 2 out of 4 LRDI sets you could get 99.2%le + and Solving just 1 set could give you around 91%le.
So all you need to do is select the sets you can solve and solve them. And to get that familiarity, all you require is practice.

To be honest, the best thing one has to do is to solve maximum variety of sets, enough so as you are able to guess which set is doable for you and which set is not, thats it. In iQuanta mocks and sectionals, Classes and Applications there are around 700 CAT level LRDI sets overall and if one solves them all properly then they are almost through this section. Now what I mean by properly solving ? Let’s see..

Approaching LRDI SET – Undrstanding CAT LRDI Strategy

  1. Invest some time over a question and study the question carefully before you start solving. A brief explanation of why each choice is correct or incorrect should go into your mind. If you can practice this tip in sample reasoning questions, you will do well on the actual assessment.
  2. NEVER assume or use any information that the question fails to give you. This is NOT an assessment of how much you know about a subject in general! Consider ONLY the information given in each reading passage when choosing among the alternative responses.
  3. Read both the factual passage and the sentence completion instruction carefully. Both must be considered in making your choice.
  4. Be sure to read all the response choices carefully before eliminating or choosing one of them.
CAT LRDI level changed from the year 2015, even though they are tough they are just a lengthy puzzle and doesn’t need lot of concepts or tricks to solve them. If you solve variety of LRDI sets it will be enough if complemented with mocks at the later stage. But what about those who want to start with basics. You can do two things.

b. Now the LRDI section from the year 2000 to 2014 weren’t of Higher Level, so they are good to start with if you want your base strong for LRDI. You can solve Past CAT Papers here  and at the later stage it will be complemented by 300 CAT Level LRDI videos in iQuanta Course.
Apart from that you have 120+ CAT Level LRDI Sets by iQuanta available here :
LRDI Sets with Video solutions above here on iQuanta LRDI Playlists :…

Another iQuanta LRDI Video Playlist…
Total 300 LRDI Video Sets by iQuanta available here apart from Past CAT Resource that you have.

Apart from that:
  • iQuanta LRDI Course includes 32+ Application Classes & 20+ Conceptual Classes which are conducted at night.
  • Every class starts from basics and goes upto CAT Level Sets.
  • Every Session has around (5-6) Sets, all come with a detailed video explanation, so a total of around (170-180) videos in the classes itself that are covered in 4 months approx.
  • Apart from the classes, we provide a total of (300) sets which also cover some tough Past CAT LRDI sets as daily practice sets (1-2) everyday to keep you on your toes which again come with detailed video explanations.
  • Last two months (Oct – Nov) are packed with a special LRDI 70 series of 70+ CAT Level LRDI Sets and the iQuanta Crash Course having around 60 Sets which again come with detailed video solutions covering all kinds of conventional as well as unconventional sets.
We also provide detailed video solutions to all the LRDI sets in our 15 full CAT Mocks as well as the assignments.
So before you write CAT, you solve
  • 170+ Sets in iQuanta Classes
  • 15×8-120 Sets in mocks (considering 3 hour pattern)
  • 60+ sets in Crash course
  • 70 sets in LRDI 70 Series
  • 300+ sets as daily practice.
So a total of around 700+ LRDI sets with detailed video solutions.
Apart from this you can solve Past 20 years CAT LRDI sets from here :
I don’t think if you solve all this, and still can’t get a 99%ile in LRDI section in CAT unless you have blown up your opportunity intentionally due to exam pressure.
All this comes with a 24*7 doubt solving assistance.
All these are included in CAT Full Course by iQuanta, you can be a part at . Join our next batch and master the CAT LRDI strategy.
CAT 2024 Course Details :

For a structured CAT preparation and one-on one counselling, visit the link below.

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Indrajeet Singh
Indrajeet Singh
The mastermind behind IQuanta, Indrajeet Singh is an expert in Quant and has devised some ingenious formulae and shortcuts to significantly cut down on the time taken to solve a problem

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