CAT 2023 Toppers List : Check Names, Scorecards & Journey

IIM Lucknow released CAT 2023 Result on 21st December 2023. The CAT exam was conducted on 26th November and the result is out same day as of last year. Students can download their CAT 2023 score cards from the official website The main interest of releasing the list of toppers of CAT 2023 is to tell the success stories of candidates and their hard work, their journey from being an aspirant to a CAT 2023 topper. This will motivate other candidates who are further preparing for CAT exams. Nearly 2.88 lakhs students appeared for CAT 2023 whereas a total of 3.28 lakh were eligible students who filled the form.

CAT 2023 was called one of the toughest paper in the history of CAT. Yet, 200+ iQuanta students belled the CAT exam with a 99%ile. Here we have provided the CAT toppers list 2023 from iQuanta along with their CAT scorecards and their CAT preparation journey.

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CAT 2023 Toppers List from iQuanta

CAT 2023 Toppers List

In CAT 2023 iQuanta has broken all the records with over 200+ 99%ilers from a single place. After burning the mid night oil, an year of hard work, rigorous sessions, practice & unlimited doubts solving, 200+ got 99+ percentile, 750 + got 95+ percentile and 500 got 97+ %ile from iQuanta. Only reason is Learning is not just concepts but how you apply them.

We also tagged these toppers on the CAT Preparation-iQuanta Community and congratulated our students.

Here is the list of CAT 2023 Toppers from iQuanta.

Topper NameCAT 2023 Percentile
Guru Charan99.99
Manav Jain99.99
Parikshit Tomar99.99
Satyajit Das99.97
Swadesh Rath99.97
Aditya Singh99.95
Souradeep Banerjee99.95
Rahul Dandwate99.92
Dhruv Jajoo99.91
Umesh Chandra99.91
Rounak Tikmani99.9
Shubham Garg99.9
Venu Goud Amargani99.9
Nikhil Dhing99.9
Shivam Singh99.9
Jai Rawal99.88
Ritvik Manglik99.87
Diwakar Singh Tanwar99.87
Mayukh Roy99.87
Nupur Kokate99.86
Abhishek Mishra99.85
Rishav Banerjee99.83
Pratyush Singh99.83
Bhavya Shah99.82
Mehul Jain99.82
Nayana Nair99.8
Yash Kabra99.78
Shristi Varshney99.76
Vivek Goyal99.75
Swapna Neel Paul99.75
Ashutosh Agarwal99.75
Deepanshu Mittal99.74
Vishesh Gupta99.74
Advik Jain99.73
Paluk Shukla99.73
Utkarsh Gupta99.73
Aditya Sehgal99.73
G Sreekara Reddy99.69
Vidya Datta Vivek K99.68
Avinash Herle99.66
Ishan Jalan99.6
Divyanshu Garg99.6
Varsha Rai99.6
Shubham Rustagi99.57
Mohita Carmen K99.57
Suvam Debnath99.52
Archishman Gupta99.51
Riman Borthakur99.45
Simran Gupta99.45
Yashvir Brar99.4
Abhishek Deshmukh99.37
Shreyas Panda99.34
Rajat Goel99.34
Naman Saruparia99.32
Tanush Biju99.32
Shreekeerthana N99.32
Roopal Singh99.3
Tejaswini Disale99.3
Sayan KumarMaity99.29
Nandini Jain99.26
Suchit Arora99.25
Mahima Sharma99.25
Sarvesh Shahshidhar99.23
Sahil Shetty99.21
Sarthak Sathapathy99.21
Priyan Sood99.21
Tanish khianiKhiani99.2
Sushant Elbhor99.19
Noel John99.19
Rahul Palit99.16
Shen Shaji99.16
Aditya Bose99.16
Sagnik Dutta99.15
Divyansh Sharma99.14
Avyay Varma99.13
Jatin Dialani99.13
Rishi Kant99.12
Jytri Veeramachaneni99.11
Tanuj Mittal99.1
Ritwik Jha99.08
Arunava Chakraborty99.08
Gourav Kumar99.06
Ashwin V Venkatesh99.03
Shanay Shah99.01
Ashrai Paul99

CAT 2023 Toppers Share Their Journey

Mentioned above was the CAT 2023 Toppers list consisting of 99%ilers. Some of these toppers also came out to share their journey on CAT Preparation-iQuanta group which is also India’s largest community for MBA with 3.6 lakh members.

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  1. Parikshit Tomer (99.99%ile)

Parikshit is one of iQuanta’s CAT 2023 Topper who scored the highest among the lot. He scored a whopping 99.99%ile overall in his first attempt as a Fresher. He belongs to a small town near Ghaziabad called Pilakhuwa. He is currently in his final year of engineering at IIT Kanpur. His sectional percentiles are:
VARC : 99.99
DILR : 99.88
QA : 99.46

CAT 2023 Topper Parikshit
CAT 2023 Topper list Parikshit Scorecard
Parikshit’s CAT 2023 Scorecard

2. Satyajit Das (99.97%ile)

Next in the iQuanta’s CAT 2023 Toppers list is Satyajit Das. He secured a 99.97%ile in his first attempt. He was a Batch 1 student of iQuanta and prepared for a period of 9 months. His sectionals are:
VARC : 99.59
DILR : 99.35
QA : 99.94

CAT 2023 Toppers list Satyajit
Satyajit’s CAT 2023 Scorecard

3. Souradeep Banerjee (99.95%ile)

Souradeep Banerjee too scored a 99.95%ile with CAT 2023 being his first attempt. He mentioned being skeptical about coaching institutes before finding iQuanta. “In the final week before CAT, I would watch CAT Marathons on the iQuanta YouTube channel and follow the advice by all the teachers, especially Indrajeet Singh sir in the WhatsApp groups, whose QA250 initiative really helped me gain the percentile that I got in QA.” Souradeep’s sectional percentiles are:
VARC : 99.03
DILR : 99.62
QA : 99.91

CAT Toppers List Souradeep
Souradeep’s CAT 2023 Scorecard

4. Aditya Singh (99.95%ile)

Next in the CAT 2023 Toppers list is Aditya Singh who scored a 99.95%ile this year. He shared gratitude in the iQuanta group.

CAT Topper Aditya

5. Rounak Tikmani (99.90%ile)

“Just me just being from IIT doesn’t guarantee a very good percentile because last year I failed miserably and realised that the only way out is hard work,” is what our CAT 2023 Topper Rounak Tikmani had to say about his performance.
VARC : 98.21
DILR : 99.71
QA : 99.78

CAT 2023 Topper Rounak Tikmani
Rounak's CAT 2023 Scorecard
Rounak’s CAT 2023 Scorecard

6. Mayukh Roy (99.87%ile)

Mayukh appreciated the iQuanta CAT Community having over 3.6 lakh members. His sectionals are:
VARC : 99.48
DILR : 96.25
QA : 99.85

CAT Topper Mayukh Roy

Mayukh’s CAT 2023 Scorecard

7. Abhishek (99.83%ile)

8. Nayana Nair

99.79%ile in CAT 2023 came as an unexpected “happy shock” for Nayana as she had not anticipated this score. She had a big project at work and yet managed to score such high percentile and make it to the CAT 2023 Toppers list. Her sectional percentiles are :
VARC : 99.95
DILR : 90.20
QA : 98.69

Nayana’s CAT 2023 Scorecard

9. Avik Das (99.78%ile)

Avik Das CAT 2023 Topper

10. Shristi Varshney (99.76%ile)

Shristi attempted CAT exam for the first time and achieved a whopping 99.76%ile.

11. Paluk Shukla (99.73%ile)

12. Utkarsh Gupta (99.73%ile)

Continuing iQuanta’s CAT 2023 Toppers list is Utkarsh Gupta who scored a 99.73%ile in CAT 2023. His sectional percentiles are:
VARC : 87.60
DILR : 99.38
QA : 99.96

CAT 2023 Toppers list Utkarsh
Utkarsh’s CAT 2023 Scorecard

13. Vidya Datta Vivek K (99.68%ile)

Vidya’s CAT 2023 Scorecard

14. Divyanshu Garg (99.60%ile)

Divyanshu Garg, iQuanta’s CAT 2023 Topper scored 99.60%ile. After getting demotivated midway, he gained speed and aced the CAT. His sectional scores are:

15. Suvam Debnath (99.52%ile)

CAT 2023 Toppers List Suvam

16. Shreyas Panda (99.34%ile)

17. Tanush Biju (99.32%ile)

CAT 2023 Toppers List Tanush

18. Tejaswini Disale (99.30%ile)

19. Sayan Kumar Maity (99.29%ile)

CAT 2023 Topper Sayan

20. Shen Shaji (99.16%ile) 21. Sagnik Gupta (99.15%ile)

iQuanta CAT 2024 Topper Sagnik

22. Rishi Kant (99.12%ile)

CAT 2023 Toppers list – Rishi Kant

Wonder why so many CAT 2023 Toppers are from iQuanta?

iQuanta has launched their much awaited CAT 2024 Course with very beneficial new features keeping the increasing difficulty level of CAT in mind.

A CAT topic will be covered via 7 steps in iQuanta CAT 2024 Course

Starting with Non Engineer’s Conceptual Videos which will be a summary of 6th-10th NCERT Maths which will be in alignment with CAT Syllabus.

7 Steps :

1) Go Through Non Engineer’s Conceptual Videos (Self)
2) Attend Live Stream Class at iQuanta (Mentor Driven)
3) Attend Live Application Class at iQuanta (Mentor Driven)
4) Take 20-30 Dashboard Assignment on that Topic (Self)
5) Attend Practice session on the Topic (Mentor Driven)
6) Take 50 CAT Level Questions on the Topic (Self)
7) CAT 2023 Level Live Marathon on the Topic (Mentor Driven)

24×7 Doubts Solving will go on in iQuanta Secret Group

After these 7 steps, your topic will be done and dusted, and we will move to next topic.


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