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Composite Scores to Convert IIM Calls

Minimum Composite Score to Convert IIM Calls

The various IIMs have started releasing their interview calls, in this context, it becomes crucial that you know the composite scores that will get you through the interview process to final selection. This is why we have released a composite score calculator for IIMs that you can refer.

If you can also check the IIM interview questions to help you prepare for your important PI in advance.

The tables contain data from the 2021-23 and 2020-2022 batches. They have been arranged category-wise for general and reserved categories.

This is a simple tool that calculates your IIM score based on your marks in the qualifying exams. Check the composite scores below:

IIM Ahmedabad's Composite Score


IIM Bangalore's Composite Score

2020-2260.043651.167448.151140.982330.49126Not Available

IIM Calcutta's Composite Score


To convert your dream bschool, apart from your CAT exam percentile, your WAT/GDPI performance is also important. Check the detailed GDPI preparation strategy here.

IIM Lucknow's Composite Score


IIM Indore's Composite Score

2020-2246.418241.7804437.6797633.6754326.6037Not Available

IIM Kozhikode's Composite Score


IIM Trichy's Composite Score


You can view the composite score for other IIMs by referring to the table below:

Minimum Composite Score Required to Convert Other IIM Calls

IIM Amritsar47.4150.1347.6739.0833.17
IIM Bodh Gaya45.0737.0539.43828.164Not Available
IIM Jammu68.305253.93456.543547.255827.4576
IIM Kashipur54.2248.2850.1943.0836.04
IIM Nagpur6.3524084.5971754.5674813.1142681.351613
IIM Raipur68.6951662.5035764.6667353.6115445.62602
IIM Rohtak78.9368.6876.9668.7558.4
IIM Sambalpur43.4333.7644.7630.0818.99
IIM Sirmaur35.7928.6232.8324.9918.95
IIM Trichy (HR)46.2134.2540.9832.7329.33
IIM Udaipur53.3644.5344.7835.0435.02
IIM Visakhapatnam77.7250.7171.1258.5751.23

These were the minimum composite score you require to convert your interview calls. And, as mentioned before, the tables contain data from the 2021-23 and 2020-2022 batches. I hope that the information was helpful to you. Good luck converting your dream bschool!

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