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How iQuanta Manages to Provide Highly CAT Relevant Content?

iQuanta & Content Relevancy

Content Relevancy is one of the biggest features of iQuanta. Over the years it has been observed several times that the questions in exams like CAT, XAT and IIFT were similar to what was taught in the class.

Content relevancy is a very important aspect when it comes to choosing a coaching institute for CAT preparation. The quality of content being provided is what is most valuable to the students. iQuanta strives hard everyday to make sure that students get what they expect and more when they put their trust in us.

A lot of questions from CAT 2020 paper matched what was taught in the iQuanta application class:

The content team here at iQuanta performs a great deal of research to provide the most relevant content to the students. This has helped many get into their dream B-schools.

So, again in CAT 2021, many questions clashed from what was practiced in the iQuanta sessions.

At iQuanta, you get a systematic course for CAT preparation. The exam pattern and syllabus is kept in mind to provide you with an authentic, exam-centred preparation pattern. The practice questions and assignments are at par with the CAT exam.

And this accuracy is not just limited to CAT. IIFT 2021 also witnessed several questions on a similar line to what was taught in the classes.

The IIM ABC practice batch of iQuanta has been specially curated by our faculty members to provide the students with the most CAT relevant content. This course is designed on the basis of the past 5 year CAT question paper and the concepts have been built keeping them in mind. Here, the content you get is highly relevant and many a times the questions in the exam paper are the ones already discussed in the class.

XAT 2022 again witnessed questions that were discussed in iQuanta classes. Not just the Quants section, but the DI & DM sections as well:


For efficient CAT preparation, consuming quality content is very important. In the history of iQuanta students have only been benefitted from iQuanta’s content. You can confirm these by checking out the previous year papers.

CAT previous year papers

XAT previous year papers

IIFT previous year papers

Focus and complete the content provided by iQuanta. We work really really hard to give our best. Close to no questions in the paper were outside the boundary of concepts and practice done in iQuanta. Its not about the quantity but quality of content.

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