IIM CAP Interview Experience by 99.31%iler Dhruv Jhalani

IIM CAP Interview Experience by 99.31%iler Dhruv Jhalani

Dhruv Jhalani, a CAT 2021 aspirant scored 99.31%ile. He recently gave his IIM CAP Interview. Let us dive into his  interview experience.

Detailed Profile

Dhruv is a 2021 graduate and his past records include 9.8 CGPA in X, 87% in XII and 9.5 GPA in his under graduation (B.Tech). He also has a 9 months work experience (till February 2022) in Business Development Role.

The IIM CAP Transcript of Dhruv Jhalani is as follows:

The interview was scheduled on 18th Feb, 2022. The slot timing was 1:30 PM. They had shared the Zoom Link on the email and we were required to join 5 minutes before our allotted time.

I joined the meeting at 1:25 PM and waited in the waiting room for 10 minutes before being admitted in the ID Check meeting room. After my ID was verified, I was sent to another waiting room and was allotted Panel 25.

I was the last person in my panel and After waiting for nearly 2 hours, I was admitted into the meeting room where 2 Panelists were already present. P1 and P2 both were Male in their 40s.

P1: Welcome Dhruv to this CAP interview. You are the last person in this panel, did you get bored waiting for your turn?

A: No sir, not at all. I was playing games on my phone. (All of us laughing)

After this, the panelists started with a Rapid Fire Question round.

P1: So where are you joining this interview from?

A: Sir, I am joining this interview from Gurgaon.

P1 : Okay, So where is Gurgaon situated?

A: Sir, it is situated in Haryana.

P1: Good. Tell me, Is there an IIM in Haryana ?

A: (Could not recall at the moment) Sir, I am not sure about this. I don’t think so there is one in Haryana.

P1: Okay, How many colleges are part of this CAP Round?

A: Sir, 9 New IIMs

P1: Which IIM is conducting the CAP Process this year ?

A: Sir, IIM Trichy is conducting.

P1: Where is IIM Trichy located?

A: Sir I don’t know. (Feeling the pressure as it was turning into a Geography Interview instead of a MBA College Interview.)

P2: Okay, Tell me where is IIM Kharagpur?

A: (Did not hear the question properly and suddenly prompted West Bengal).

P2: Are you sure. I asked IIM Kharagpur.

A: Then suddenly remembers that there is no IIM in Kharagpur, its actually IIT.(Feeling disgusted)

P2: Okay, where are you from and where did you completed your under graduation?

A: Sir, I am from Kutch, Gujarat and did my B.Tech from PDPU Gandhinagar.

P2: Who is the governor of Gujarat?

A: Acharya Devrat Sir.

P2: Good. Okay so tell me Why MBA?

A: Told a well prepared answer on How I have interest in Finance and have done courses on Financial Modelling and Capital Markets and want to study this in more detail and want to learn more about this field and MBA will be a perfect step for that.

P1: Okay Dhruv, List down these 5 numbers. 23, 43, 29, 82, 45. Analyze these numbers and tell me something.

A: (Confused of what to do of these 5 numbers. Thought of calculating its average and Standard Deviation and told it to the Panelists)

P1: What is the derivative of Sinx and logx

A: Sir for sinx it is cosx and for logx it is 1/x.

P2: Okay, one last question, what are your hobbies?

A: Sir I am a sports entusiast and play Ultimate Frisbee, Cricket, TT and Badminton and in my free time I like to Study Stock Charts and Finance Related Stuff.

P1: That’s good. That’s all we have to ask. You can leave the meeting room now and all the best for your other interviews.
A: Thank you Sir.

And I left the meeting. The interview lasted for 10 – 12 minute.

Verdict: to be announced.

We hope you were able to gain an insight into the CAP interview experience about the nature of questions asked.

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