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IIM Interview Questions 2022 | Top PI Questions for Bschools

Personal Interview Questions for IIM and Other Bschools

IIM interviews are lining up soon. For this, it becomes crucial that you familiarise yourself with the IIM interview questions. Interview panellists will ask you questions on a range of topics, from academics, and college to your professional work experience. You need to be able to answer such questions with skill and confidence.

Important Points To Consider For Your Interview

  • Be confident: This is the most thrown-around point when it comes to giving interviews. However, it is also the most misunderstood. When answering questions, make sure that you answer them with conviction and belief in whatever *relevant* things you are saying.
    Avoid being overly overconfident. Maintain a basic sense of decency and calm while answering interview questions. Bschool and IIM admissions committee do not want you to appear in a hurry to answer their interview questions. A calm exposure is a way to go.
  • Be concise: When asked to answer any question, make sure that you stick to the boundaries of the question. Do not digress by oversharing or providing more information than is necessary. Brevity in your conservation could fetch you some extra marks.
  • Stick to the point: The important skill in answering interview questions lies in being able to do so by being as concise and using only the relevant points. Sometimes, when asked about the college experience, you need not go into extreme details. Just a brief summary of your college experience would suffice.
  • Body language: One of the most important factors for your IIM interview questions. The way you use hand gestures, your sitting positions, whether your legs are crossed, manner of communication, and all other non-verbal cues are very important in determining your performance. Sometimes in the process of controlling our verbal messages, we tend to give away our anxiety through our body language.
    Display an open and confident body language too.
  • Be your natural self: the last and the most important tip for your bschools and IIM interviews is to just be yourself. The more natural and real, the better it is. Try not to sound artificial and superficial. Speak with warmth as, after all, you are engaging in human-human interaction. We all appreciate at least some form of warmth and realness.
    You will be benefited from being honest and real in your interviews.

Important Areas For Bschools and IIM Interview Questions

iim interview questions

  • Why MBA: It is a very basic question that is usually asked as one of the Bschool and IIM interview questions. You can mention what motivated you to pursue MBA, your motivation, significant influences, etc. Make sure the answer is real, honest and impactful. This should be so because this question is asked to almost all aspirants and you need to stand out in front of the admissions committee. However, remember to be honest and real.
  • Your introduction: Another basic question. You can start by telling the interviewer what you are currently doing, and any recent big accomplishments, then mention a little bit about your past that led you here, and then conclude by mentioning your future goals and aspirations.
    Make sure that your introduction is coherent in the way you present your ideas. Take note of the logical flow by focusing on related ideas.
  • Questions about your city and state of domicile: When interviewers ask this question, they wish to know how familiar with your city and state of residence. This will reflect on your awareness of your surroundings and GK. Make sure that you research any important social, political, historical and economic issues in advance.
  • Academic accomplishments: This question and the next, which we will discuss shortly are aimed at knowing your potential for the college. They want to judge your capabilities, motivation and skills. Mention any significant academic accomplishments you would have achieved in your recent past.
  • Work experience: This question aims to judge your potential. If you have relevant work experience, share how it will help you in your future with the college and also with your broader goals in general. Mention any significant accomplishments too as part of your answers to your bschool and IIM interview questions.
  • Why this particular Bschool: Most thrown-around question by the interview panel. Mention how that particular Bschool’s reputation, quality, and other features are just the right mix for your future socially-validated important goals.
  • Why this particular specialization: Another important one of the bschool and IIM interview questions that you must be prepared for. Mention a few instances in your life that motivated you to pursue that course. If it is something grand or visionary (but realistic and honest) will help you a great deal in the interview.
  • Extra-curricular activities: If you have achieved certain accomplishments that are not purely academic in nature, then the interview questions can revolve around such areas too. For example, be it debates, sports, or any other activity. You can be prepared accordingly by practising questions around them.
  • Current affairs of national and international importance: this is another important area from which the interviewer can ask you questions. Read a newspaper daily, for example, Indian Express, and be updated with recent happenings. Being able to answer these will show your knowledge of current affairs and the general GK as well. For example, by being updated with the Covid-19 pandemic, new innovations in the tech industry, etc.

These were some of the important themes from where the bschools and IIM interview questions could be asked. Make sure to prepare questions from the above-mentioned themes effectively.

Sample Questions Asked in Personal Interview of Bschool and IIM Admissions

The questions mentioned below are some of the other important areas from which bschools and IIM interview questions could be asked.

>Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
>What are your future goals and aspirations.
>Why are you choosing this particular specialisation?
>Tell us about your hobbies and interests.
>What qualities does your ideal have?
>Share concrete examples of demonstrated leadership.
>Who is your inspiration? Why?
>How would you differentiate between a boss and a leader?
>Whom would you credit your success?
>How have you handled challenges in the past?
>How do you handle criticisms?
>After your selection, how will you contribute to your specialisation and your bschool?
>What are your strengths and weaknesses?
>What is your most significant achievement in the past?
>What are your expectations of the course?

These were the basic interview questions that you can prepare in advance for your Bschools and IIM interviews and also for interviews of other MBA admission colleges. Make sure to prepare for them well.

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