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Life at MICA – “The Mecca of Marketing”

Life At MICA – by Pooja Sharma

Life at MICA
Life at MICA : Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad

Life at MICA can be defined as “Refreshing”. Located in Shela, Ahmedabad, the college is an hour away from the airport and close to 10 kms away from the city. Nevertheless everything is available at a close distance of 5 kms.

This college strategically focuses on including extracurricular developments and projects into the life of the students aiming at holistic development. Diversity at it’s core, each person here comes with different walks of life and with so much to teach each other. MICA lives in harmony. The community helps everyone grow in ways we never anticipated. Each person shines in its own way, every discussion has multiple perspectives to it. And like how I put it, there is nothing to lose here.

Campus life MICA

The red brick walls all come together to tell you stories for all our previous batches. Every graffiti has a story, every story has a reason. In the first few weeks of the life at MICA, one admires all the walls as a piece of art as well as heritage. During the MICANVA’s – Asia’s biggest Marketing fest hosted by MICA the chotta wall gets painted afresh. Every person has the chance to leave a mark on the wall and tell their stories for their experiences in MICA via the paintings. Taking days and nights to paint, wall painting is an event of the year that brings all MICAns together.


Open to college students 24*7 you expect to get a taste of a lot of cuisine. A little of everything is what I like to call it. The best part is Anand bhai and Amar bhai who are the most welcoming people on campus. Oh, and you can ask them to let you curate your dish! Under the warm sun on a chilly day sitting at chotta machan is something every MICAn looks forward to. Some of the legendary dishes here have been named by the seniors who helped create them and they are a must TRY.

Life at MICA : Academic Blocks

The entire faculty sits in the academic blocks which are close by to the student classroom area. The academic walls have brick walls which are special to MICA with new hour infrastructure. The rooms are easily accessible and at an arm’s length for students to reach. Usually, students are free to ask for meetings during office hours. The faculty is close knitted with the students which allows an open communication for academic purposes.

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MICA Playground

MICA Campus life

With a basketball court, football ground and a cricket ground, MICAN’s are obsessed with their competitive sports. With groups practicing and playing daily, MICA in all way cherishes their sports endeavours. With the diversity of students who come here at MICA, enjoying even the old games becomes such a profound learning. Playing table tennis or badminton till dawn is a very common site at here. Life at MICA cannot be complete without sports. Sports also brings students together by helping them invoke feelings of teamplay. Teams are formed in between seniors and juniors also to help the community play together.

Life at MICA : Mess

With a very popular mess committee on campus, one of the favourite pass times for students is getting together for food. With an elaborate menu the mess folks cook nutritious meals for students every day. With breakfast, lunch dinner there is an added hour of snacks which are usually served after classes. After a daylong hustle, mess food is something that brings all students together. MICA Mess also is open to faculty and the staff, so it is common for us to see students with faculty enjoying stimulating conversations. This two-floor mess also opens its terrace doors during winters to enjoy the food in an open setting under the warm sunshine.

Campus life at MICA

Classes at MICA usually run from 8.30-9 am in the morning till evening with lunch breaks and breathers between each class. One thing that you hear about the life at MICA from every student is the importance the institute places on being punctual. Faculty and students follow this principle to the core and encourage each other to do that. Respecting each other’s time is a valuable principle at MICA which is of paramount importance. After classes is a mix of assignment discussions, playtime, time to complete your projects etc. The curriculum is set such that focuses on doing projects relevant to the industry is a must. The learnings have a mix of theory and practicality. One never gets bored of the assignments shared as they always have a way of getting the students out of their comfort zone. Projects are also fun and encourage group learning and individual contribution. To give you a sneak peak, a project recently shared required film making skills, acting, scripting etc.

MICA is also one of the only B-schools that has events, cultural or marketing planned every now and then. The events help you connect with alums, industry experts and to find a mentor. Every festival is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm here with our flagship, Navratri events being the highlight. Student come together with sweets and special menus as well. Festival life at MICA do feel like a taste of every part of India.

Hostel life at MICA is very special with each building having its own little community and way of life to it. Junior hostels and senior hostels are different and far from each other. The junior hostels have co living room where you share your room with another student. The allocation of the rooms is at random. Senior hostels have single rooms. Each Junior hostel has the capacity of almost 60 students. Hostels are usually buzzing all the time with important announcements moving like waves, songs and guitar sound being very common to our ears. Even hostels have their own traditions and special events. The rules are very simple, help each other and love each other.

Life at MICA

Life at MICA is not something you can read or learn about but only experience it. To every aspirant who reads this I would encourage them to come in here, ready to live, well slept and rested because life at MICA is hustle but a beautiful one.

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