NITIE and its Tightly Knit Committees

We got on call with Disha Ahuja to discuss the committees at NITIE and the importance they in shaping one’s personality at NITIE. Here is what she had to say:

Me: Hey Disha. I know you from Summer Project Contest and Launchpad both of which were brilliantly conducted by your committee. Which committee are you a part of?

Disha: Hey Aniket. I think it’s partially to do with you winning both of them but, I am glad you think that. To answer your question, I am a part of the Prerna Management Group (PMG committee) which is responsible for conducting NITIE’s annual management festival (Avartan). It is the oldest committee at NITIE. I am a part of its 24th edition. We started off with Summer Project Contest (SPC) which continues to be one of our flagship events where we unearth the best summer projects in domains of Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Consulting, Information Technology and Human Resource Management. Apart from that, Launchpad and Prerna Business Meet (a CEO conclave) are all part of Avartan.

Me: Were you a part of any other committee or forum apart from PMG?

Disha: The way it works here is that you can hold maximum of two positions of responsibility i.e. you can be a part of one committee and a forum at the same time but you cannot be a part of two committees at the same time. In case, you are a class representative or a vice president then you cannot hold any other position. I was only a part of Prerna Management Group from the very beginning.

Me: What are the other committees or forums on your campus?

Disha: Well there are 16 committees and there will be a lot to tell in terms of the work they do. One can find all that information here:

Me: How has that helped you? Would you recommend the candidates from the forth coming batches to join committes too?

Disha: Being a part of any committee or none is completely a student’s choice. There are a lot of students who have chosen not be a part of any committee. In my personal capacity, I would say one should associate himself/herself with a committee because you benefit a lot from it. You learn how to work in a team which comes in handy when you start working in a corporate environment. You manage and mentor the junior committee members. This teaches you how to motivate your team and command them to get things done. Apart from that, you bring corporate speakers to campus so it helps you build connects in the industry.

Me: What do you normally test in your committee interviews?

Disha: The two things that are the most essential attributes are, willingness to learn and ability to work in a team environment. Prior experience doesn’t really matter because if you have the willingness to learn then you can easily pick up things. Similarly, all committee work requires the members to work collectively, so even if you’re a maverick, it doesn’t cut it if you can’t work with others.

Me: A lot of NITIE students tell me that the alumni  has a very special place in their heart for the committees they were a part of during their time here. Do you also feel the same?

Disha: Well that is true. The Alumni stay connected with the members that become a part of their committee in the following years. For PMG we have group where all the members from the 1st edition to the 24th edition are present. They help us in making career choices, preparing for placements and by giving us industry insights. There is always a feeling of closeness and bonding within the members who belonged to the same committee at NITIE and this is true for all 16 of them.

Me: NITIE is obviously great at Operations, Supply Chain Management and Data Analytics. How is it faring in other specialisations in terms of students wanting to opt for it, companies wanting to recruit them and the institute’s own attempt towards it?

Disha: We have done really well in Consulting this year. We have our own consulting case book now. We are gradually trying to branch into core marketing and finance roles too. There are efforts being put in in the form of workshops and competitions. NITIE is renowned for operations and supply chain so it is taking time to break out of that image. Recruiters will take some time to acknowledge our prowess in other domains but it is happening.

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