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NMAT+SNAP+CAT 2022 Full Course Details

iQuanta’s NMAT+SNAP+CAT 2022 Full Course

iQuanta’s NMAT+SNAP+CAT 2022 Full Course has been launched. With these exams being just a few months away, prepare with highly relevant material for CAT and both of these major OMETs. Get access to live classes, practice sessions, topic-wise assignments, instant 24×7 doubt solving (within 2 minutes), mocks, one-on-one counselling with the faculties and various other perks.

Check out iQuanta’s NMAT SNAP Course Trailer here:

iQuanta’s NMAT+SNAP+CAT 2022 Full Course Details for Students:


  • Quant: 150+ Hours of Live Interactive Sessions | 1000+ videos | 40+ Assignments.
  • LRDI: 100+ Hours of Live Interactive Sessions | 250+ videos | 30+ Assignments.
  • VARC: 100+ Hours of Live Interactive Sessions | 250+ videos | 30+ Assignments.
  • Practice: 1500+ QA | 300+ LRDI Sets | 700+ VARC Questions
  • Daily Initiatives: Daily DILR sets | Daily RCs | Daily articles
  • Mocks: 20 Full Mocks | 60 Sectionals | 15 Non-CAT Mock (XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT). Video Solutions For All LRDI Sets in Full Mocks & Assignments.
  • Free Crash Course worth Rs. 10,000: 60+ Sessions of QA+LRDI+VARC Inclusive of shortcuts and Past CAT Practice Questions | Daily 3-hour intensive revision sessions starting 2 months prior to CAT.
  • 250 iQuanta Questions: Highly CAT relevant set of questions in last 2 months.


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  • Recorded Videos
  1. Quants + DI – 150 Videos
  2. Logical Reasoning specific for SNAP & NMAT – 75 Videos
  3. Verbal – 75 Videos
  • Live Classes
  1. Live streaming classes – 3 Days a week – Total 30+ Live classes
  2. Live Practice Session – 40 Sessions
  • Mock Tests
  1. 10 SNAP Full length Mock Tests
  2. 10 NMAT Full length Mock Tests
  3. Topic Wise Mock Tests- 4000 Questions of Practice

Other than all of these, you’ll also be getting:

  • Dual Pedagogy Teaching with Both Conceptual Live Stream as well as Live Application Sessions.
  • A combination of well-explained shortcuts & concepts.
  • 24×7 doubt clarification from any material with video solutions.

iQuanta CAT Course Structure & Flow Chart: QA | LRDI | VARC Syllabus

1. Quantitative Aptitude: Quant Course Structure & CAT Quant Syllabus

TopicsDuration of the TopicSub-TopicsApplication SessionsConceptual SessionsTotal VideosTotal Practice Questions
Numbers3 weeks
  1. Numbers Basics
  2. Divisibility
  3. Remainders
  4. HCF & LCM
  5. Tips, Shortcuts & Practice
Arithmetic4 weeks
  1. Percentages
  2. Profit & Loss
  3. Dishonest Seller
  4. Simple & Compound Interest
  5. Instalments
  6. Averages
  7. Ratio & Proportion
  8. Mixture & Alligation
  9. Time & Work
Time, Speed & Distance2 weeks
  1. TSD: Basics
  2. Relative Speed
  3. Circular Motion
  4. Tricks to Solve TSD Questions
Modern Maths3 weeks
  1. Permutations & Combinations: Basics
  2. Arranging Distinct and Identical Things
  3. Finding the Number of Solutions to Equations
  4. Balls & Boxes Practice Questions
  5. Probability
Algebra4 weeks
  1. Algebra Basics
  2. Quadratic Equations
  3. Inequalities
  4. Maxima Minima
  5. Logarithm & Modulus
  6. Graphs
  7. Functions
  8. Integral Solutions
Progressions & Series1 week
  1. Sequence & Series (AP, GP, A.G.P)
  2. Special Series & Function
Geometry3 weeks
  1. Lines & Angles
  2. Triangles & Other Polygons
  3. Circles
  4. Quadrilaterals
  5. 3-D Mensuration
Total20 weeks40317272015

So a student following iQuanta CAT Course Structure | For any topic should take 1, Application Class, 1 Conceptual Class, take an assignment available on Dashboard, attend 1 Practice session and then can do self study from IIM ABC Practice Batch. Then move to next topic classes in the same manner.

2. Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation : LRDI Course Structure & CAT LRDI Syllabus

TopicsDuration of the TopicApplication SessionsLive SessionsTotal Videos in Application SessionsTotal Practice Sets With Video Solutions
Data Interpretation
  1. Intro & Tools
  2. Tables - 1
  3. Tables - 2
  4. Line & Bar Graphs
  5. Pie Charts
  6. Misc. Graphs - 1
  7. Misc. Graphs - 2
  8. Misc. Graphs - 3
4 weeks8440152
Cubes1 week211028
Linear Arrangements1 week311533
Circular Arrangements1 week211028
Venn Diagrams2 weeks422048
Distribution1 week211028
Selection1 week211028
Binary Logics1 week211028
Games & Tournaments2 weeks422048
Network Flow Diagrams1 week11523
Quant Based DI1 week12526
Total16 weeks2916155470

So a student following iQuanta CAT Course Structure | For any topic should take 1, Application Class, 1 Conceptual Class, take an assignment available on Dashboard, participate in Daily LRDI initiative and then can do self study from IIM ABC Practice Batch. Then move to next topic classes in the same manner.

3. Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension : VARC Course Structure & CAT VARC Syllabus

TopicsDuration of the TopicApplication SessionsLive SessionsTotal VideosTotal Practice Questions
  1. Parallel Errors
  2. Adverbs
  3. Subject-Verb Agreement
1.5 week3136116
Reading Comprehension
  1. Science & Tech.
  2. Business & Economics
  3. Arts, Society & Culture
  4. History & Politics
  5. Philosophy & Psychology
  6. Mixed
10 weeks201090214
Para Summary1 week212481
Para Completion0.5 week111246
Odd One Out1 week212481
Para Jumbles1 week2124183
Critical Reasoning & FIJ1.5 weeks3136103
Total16.5 weeks3316246824

So a student following iQuanta CAT Course Structure | For any topic should take 1, Application Class, 1 Conceptual Class, take an assignment available on Dashboard, Participate in Daily Reading & RC initiative and then can do self study from IIM ABC Practice Batch. Then move to next topic classes in the same manner.

The following topics cover the CAT curriculum for CAT 2022, which should make for a wholesome preparation

4. iQuanta’s CAT Crash Course 2022

Crash Course of iQuanta technically acts like a Revision + Rigorous Practice Batch which includes both Concepts and their Application. Though the Practice takes place all day round in the last 2 months. CAT Crash course of iQuanta worth Rs12k, is completely Free for iQuanta Full Course Students. 

5. iCAT Mocks 2022

A student technically should start taking Mocks after 50-60% of their syllabus is over, which must include Arithmetic.

CAT Mocks by iQuanta will start from July Mid and will go upto CAT in November.

6. Practice Initiatives by iQuanta

These are the total number of practice questions provided by iQuanta in Live Sessions, Application Sessions, Assignments & Mocks.

7. IIM ABC CAT Practice Batch

The books in the market aren’t updated to current CAT level at all. For example the LRDI level of CAT increased in 2015 but those books were created more than a decade back, so books will only give you the basic idea rather than a wholesome preparation.
I will suggest to go for iQuanta CAT Full course + IIM ABC Product, you wont need to get any un-updated book for CAT. If you only want materials then go for IIM ABC Batch by iQuanta as it has 500 RCs, 500 LRDI Sets and 3500 Qa questions, if you want coaching along with that, take combo of both CAT Full Course + IIM ABC Product.

In iQuanta CAT Full Course, apart from 350 hours of Live Classes, you get 100 assignments, regular practice sessions, 20 Full Mocks, 60 sectionals, so in total you would be practicing 5000 + Questions apart from Conceptual Videos and Live classes

which is enough to get good percentile in CAT.

But as some might prefer a lot n lot of questions in hand to practice hence there is one option of Full Course + IIM ABC practice batch, as IIM ABC practice has only plethora of questions with 7500 questions (500 RCs, 500 LRDI, 3500 QA)

Thats like a combination of 2 -3 materials with updated content.

iQuanta NMAT Course Structure & Flow Chart

1. Quantitative Skills: Quant Course Structure & NMAT Quant Syllabus

2. Logical Reasoning: LR Course Structure & NMAT LR Syllabus

3. Language Skills : LS Course Structure & NMAT LS Syllabus

iQuanta NMAT+ SNAP Course Structure & Flow Chart

1. Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency: QDADS Course Structure & SNAP QDADS Syllabus

2. Analytical & Logical Reasoning: ARLR Course Structure & SNAP ARLR Syllabus

3. General English : GE Course Structure & SNAP GE Syllabus

iQuanta NMAT+ SNAP Mocks

iQuanta NMAT+SNAP Course Features

What Makes iQuanta the Best Preparation Platform?

1. 24×7 Doubt Solving 

As an aspirant, anyone would want their doubts to be cleared immediately as they arise at any time of the day. This is the ideal situation. Immediate doubt clarification could be a great addition to your exams preparation.

This is why we at iQuanta provide free doubts solving mechanisms on our Fb group. Therein, you are able to ask your doubts whenever they arise, i.e, 24×7 doubt solving. All you need to do is post your doubts in the group and it will be resolved within 10 minutes of posting.

To know the steps to 24×7 doubt clarification in detail, click here.

2. Peer-to-Peer Learning in CAT students Community

A community is very important, as having a dedicated community at one place will provide you with the necessary support for your preparation.

In our secret Facebook group and in our public Facebook group, every student studies in a group where they learn from each other by asking and solving doubts, sharing strategies, and uplifting each other by providing motivation. A functioning ecosystem is built that is engaging and informative.

Click here to know more about iQuanta’s peer-to-peer learning and how we created an engaging community.

3. iQuanta’s Interactive Classes : Dual Pedagogy

Listening passively has certain disadvantages, because one is not actively involved in the learning process. And as we have limited attention span, any student will not be able to listen attentively for an extended period of time.

Hence, short attention spans can be increased through iQuanta’s dual pedagogy wherein the focus is not only on teaching theoretical concepts but also application-based learning.

How iQuanta conducts it’s interactive classes? Click here to find out.

4. iQuanta’s Past Results for NMAT + SNAP + CAT

Join NMAT SNAP Prep Group. Click Here!

If you’re looking to prepare for NMAT & SNAP alongwith the CAT exam, visit the link below.

To join India’s largest CAT preparation community and for free 24*7 doubt clarification, join the group linked below.

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