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CAT Crash Course 2019:Prepare For CAT in 2 Months

It’s an Indian tradition to have ‘Dahi-Cheeni’ [Sweet Curd] just before performing an important task. And CAT is undoubtedly as important as any other task in your lives. And hence, we would like to introduce you to the ‘Dahi-Cheeni’ in the world of MBA Entrances – The CAT Crash Course 2019

These are the last few days of your journey in attempting to join elite B-Schools. And these are the most crucial days. Often, aspirants lose track of their preparation and end up scoring lower than their actual potential.

I have seen numerous students scoring well above 97%ile and becoming complacent and hence losing focus on the goal. CAT is an exam that requires constant vigil and each stage you need to level-up your preparation in order to propel ahead.

At this stage, what you need is a booster, similar to ‘Nitros’ used in accelerating cars. This is the make or break stage of your preparation and your focus is of utmost importance.

Having experienced the rigour in the past, we are completely aware of the essentials required at this stage.
• Better techniques to solve faster
• Excellent mentor-ship
• Fool proof strategy for any surprises
•Solving Past papers to get exact idea of the exam.

As we know, CAT as an exam is known to repeat questions of similar nature year after year, it would be considered strategic to go through these type of repeated questions in order to save precious time during your exam.

But the question is, do you have time for that? To scan through all previous papers, cross reference them, identify the patter, mark them and then also be able to find multiple solutions in order to choose the one that suits you best? Don’t worry if the answer is no. Because, we got you covered

iQuanta like every year is launching its focused CAT Crash Course. 62 packed sessions with special focus on shortcuts and techniques to help you solve faster. Doubt clarification round the clock [ Yes, 24*7] and solution to past CAT Papers. It’s all done along with friendly teachers and constant motivation.

Sharing few results of students who got benefited from iQuanta Crash Course in 2017.


99.98 %ler, with 100%le in Quant
99.90 %ler with 99.92 in Quant
99.85 %le with 99.95 in Quant
One of the questions direct from our class, which was shared a day before CAT
99.25 in CAT 2017 , who had just 90 in CAT 2016
Aditya Anand, who raised his %le from 93 to 98.xx
Aditya Anand, who raised his %le from 93 to 98.xx

iQuanta 18 Results

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Seats are filling fast, enroll asap and comment here, so that we can add you in secret group once it starts.
If you are not able to view above link, then you need to be a member of CAT Preparation – iQuanta group on FB .

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