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The Strategic Turning Point of Zomato: Blinkit’s Individual Journey, and the Upcoming Fusion


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Zomato, the dominant meal delivery company in India, has made the unexpected decision to refocus its efforts from creating “super brands” within its core food delivery business to integrating with Blinkit, the grocery delivery app it purchased last year. This sudden change in strategy raises concerns about Zomato and the larger Indian internet delivery market, as well as the rationale behind the choice and the idea of super brands.

The initial enthusiasm surrounding the Zomato-Blinkit combination has taken an unexpected turn, moving from merger plans to super brands. The union advertised a smooth, one-stop shop for all food and grocery needs, but it soon became clear that combining two different companies would not be easy. Deepinder Goyal, the CEO of Zomato, declared a change in strategy to focus on creating “super brands” in the meal delivery industry. These amazing brands—basically, outstanding restaurants—strive to improve the entire food delivery experience by providing carefully chosen menu items, special offers, and an unwavering emphasis on quality.

The Solo Journey of Blinkit

Despite popular belief, Zomato’s strategic change does not mean the demise of Blinkit. The grocery delivery platform will keep running on its own, highlighting its advantages in the quick-commerce space. Zomato and Blinkit are aware of how difficult it might be to combine companies that have diverse clientele and business strategies. The interim division enables each party to handle difficulties on its own, improve its services, and possibly clear the path for a future integration that runs more smoothly.

Regarding Users: Famine or Feast?

Zomato’s focus on mega brands assures users of exciting new developments. Foodies may expect enhanced quality control, carefully chosen restaurant options, and exclusive offers on the Zomato app. The app turns into a gourmet amusement park that provides VIP experiences and tailored recommendations. On the other hand, Blinkit users can still depend on the platform for uninterrupted, quick supermarket deliveries, and there’s still room for more advancements and enhancements to the grocery delivery process.

Future Fusion in the Offing

Although the merger has been put on hold for the time being, it is important to see this as a strategic stop rather than a permanent one. As Zomato and Blinkit continue to hone their unique capabilities, it looks increasingly likely that their products will be combined in the future. Imagine being able to place an order for tonight and arrange for a quick shopping delivery for breakfast, all from inside one convenient interface.

Adapting to a Dynamic Environment

Zomato’s tactical change is in keeping with how the Indian internet delivery market is always changing. The business demonstrates flexibility and agility by admitting when it needs to change direction and give priority to its core competencies. There’s a chance that this will benefit Zomato and the industry as a whole in the long run. The unanticipated move highlights how important it is to welcome change and adds even another level of excitement to the dynamic world of internet deliveries.


Zomato’s choice to concentrate on super brands and temporarily split from Blinkit is a brave move that brings new enthusiasm to the online delivery sector in the face of unforeseen turns. While Blinkit’s autonomous route guarantees uninterrupted supermarket deliveries, the idea of super brands offers people an enhanced food delivery experience. The story is made more exciting by the possibility of a future union. Zomato’s strategic shift serves as a reminder that flexibility is essential as the market develops further, and that even more excitement and innovation lie ahead in the realm of online delivery.

Indrajeet Singh
Indrajeet Singh
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