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What makes iQuanta better than any other CAT Online Coaching?

As I am the founder of iQuanta (CAT Preparation – IQuanta) so the answer might seem biased to some people but I have tried to keep the answer very rational. I am the admin of largest CAT Preparation group too. Join here

1) iQuanta Shortcuts : There were around 15 questions directly from iQuanta sessions in CAT 17 exam. Any iQuanta student who followed all the classes regularly will agree upon it. These are some reviews which they gave just after CAT exam was held:

2) 24*7 doubt clarification in secret group. Doubts can be from any materials of India ( CAT related). Need not be from class only.

This I feel is one of the major plus point of iQuanta. That any one, can ask any doubt while studying any time, even mid night and the doubts gets solved within minutes. No other coaching does that. Others ask people to mail them for doubts, which may or may not get replied even after 3 -4 days. Or they may keep some specific days for doubts in a month which I don’t think is effective as they aren’t instant.

We consider doubts solving one of the most important part of CAT preparation.

3) Time saving: As classes can be attended from anywhere, no need to travel and waste precious time, which can be put to good use.

Revise anytime, any number of times even if you miss your class. That priviledge one can’t have in an offline coaching.

Can attend and solve via mobile too if you are travelling. Even I solve a lot of doubts when I am outside.

Timing: Best for Working class or college going people as the events are conducted at night time ie 10pm-12 Midnight.

4) Best Results : No coaching centre in India has produced these many 99%lers from a single center. At max there are 4-5 good results that too from their best centres.

~ iQuanta has 30-40 people with 99+ %les, you can check here. iQuanta CAT 18 Results

No, I do not want to take any credit for their high %les even if they give credit to me or iQuanta, as one should understand that it depends 75% on the individual. So it’s the student who gets the credits, whether succes or failure. ( I’ll just take 5+5+5=15% for concepts and doubt clearing and platform :p remaining 10 % for motivation classes 😀 )

But it gives an awesome peer learning, competitive environment as highly ambitious aspirants are ready to solve the doubts and discuss their strategies among iQuantians.

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Indrajeet Singh
The mastermind behind IQuanta, Indrajeet Singh is an expert in Quant and has devised some ingenious formulae and shortcuts to significantly cut down on the time taken to solve a problem

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