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XAT Syllabus 2025: Download Section-Wise Syllabus PDF

XAT 2024 Syllabus

Xavier Aptitude Test or XAT conducted by XLRI is one of the top management tests conducted in India. Aspirants appear for XAT for admission to XLRI and other XAMI Member Institutes for its flagship MBA and PGDM Programs. Its MBA-HR Program is regarded as the top program all over Asia. In this article, we will go through the detailed XAT Syllabus, XAT Section-wise Syllabus analysis, and XAT Exam Pattern for 2025.

XAT is also considered one of the toughest management exams in India. The XAT exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern are vast and scoring and XAT requires you to have a detailed analysis of all the topics and pattern.

XAT Syllabus 2024

XAT Exam Pattern 2025

Before you get into the detailed XAT Syllabus, let us first understand the XAT Exam Pattern. The Exam Pattern for XAT has been updated from the past years where the whole XAT Exam is divided into three parts inclusive of five sections in total.

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SectionXAT SubjectsNo. of
XAT Exam
Part- IVerbal and Logical Ability26175 Minutes
Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation28
Decision Making22
Part- IIMock Keyboard Testing5 Minutes
Part- III General Knowledge2530 Minutes
Essay Writing (250-300 words)
  • XAT is a Computer-Based Test comprising 105 Questions to be covered within 210 Minutes.
  • +1 Mark for every correct answer, -0.25 for every incorrect answer
  • Additionally, -0.10 marks will be deducted for 8 consecutive or more unattempted questions. ‘
  • All the questions in the XAT Exam would be MCQ type except the Essay Writing Section.

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XAT Exam Syllabus 2025

The XAT Syllabus is somewhat similar to CAT but is not officially released by XLRI. Before diving into the XAT exam syllabus, getting a fair idea of the Exam Pattern is important. The XAT Exam broadly consists of 5 sections:

  • Verbal and Logical Ability
  • Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation
  • Decision Making
  • General Knowledge
  • Essay Writing

Out of these 5 sections, the first three sections’ scores are considered while computing the XAT Percentile. The marks for Essay Writing will be analyzed only when you are shortlisted for further XAT Interview Rounds.

Let us check the detailed XAT Syllabus 2025 Section Wise:

Aspirants can register for the XAT 2025 Exam at XAT’s Official Website

XAT Syllabus For Verbal And Logical Ability

This section is the combination of Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, and Logical Reasoning. The total number of questions under this section in XAT 2025 is 26 MCQ-type Questions. The topics are categorized into three components in this section:

Verbal AbilityReading ComprehensionLogical Reasoning
VocabularyRC Passages based on Abstract topics, Literature, Social and Economic Issues; Science and Culture, Fiction and HistoryAnalogy
Fill in the Blanks with Correct WordsAuthor’s View type of questionBinary Logic
Synonyms/ AntonymsTrue/False Statements based on the PassageFacts and Judgement
Contextual UsageExplanation of Words/Phrases in the PassageInference
Jumbled ParagraphsLogical Sequence
Completion of Paragraphs
Completion of Sentences
Correction of Errors
Correct use of words

Check out the XAT 2025 Selection Process.

XAT Syllabus For Quantitative Aptitude And Data Interpretation

QADI Section in XAT includes two broad sections of CAT: Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation. The total number of questions under this section in XAT 2025 is 28 MCQ-type Questions. The XAT syllabus topics are categorised into two components in this section; Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation.

ArithmeticAlgebraModern MathsNumber System/ TheoryData Interpretation
Time and WorkLogarithmsProbabilityLCM & HCFAnalysis of Comparative Data Tables
Interest (Simple & Compound)Quadratic EquationsPermutation and CombinationsFactors & MultiplesBar Diagrams
Ratio & ProportionLinear EquationsSet TheoryRemaindersData Analysis and Comparison
PercentagesInequalitiesDivisibility RulesData Charts
AveragesSurds and IndicesUnit/ Last two DigitsPie Charts
Speed, Time and DistanceFunctionsTabular Graphs
PartnershipsAP/GPMixed Combinations
Profit and Loss

XAT Syllabus For Decision-Making

The decision-making section is the most unique section in XAT and aspirants need to solve some very situational sets for which you need adaptive thinking. The total number of questions under this section in XAT 2025 is 22 MCQ-type Questions. The possible topics in the Decision Making section include:

Decision-Making in a SituationData Arrangement SetsComplex Data Arrangement
Conditions and Grouping Case letsAssumptions

XAT Syllabus For General Knowledge

The GK Section in XAT is extremely vast as it covers a wide range of topics. Although, the scores of this section are not taken into consideration while calculating the XAT Percentile. You must have a regular update on the important events and activities in the country to ace the GK Section in XAT 2025. Some of the topics include:

National & International Current AffairsCapitals & CurrenciesIndian Constitution and Laws
Famous PersonalitiesBooks & AuthorsDifferent Economic Policies & Agendas
Conventional GKOrganizations & their Headquarters

XAT Syllabus For Essay Writing

The Essay Writing Section was reintroduced in the XAT Exam Pattern after 2018 in XAT 2022. This is the only Descriptive Section in the XAT Exam. Out of 3 questions, you are required to choose 1 question and write a short essay which should not be more than 300 words.

This section would require one to provide definitive thoughts and creative ideas. The Essay Writing Section is evaluated only when a candidate is shortlisted for the further XAT admission process.

Some of the Previous Year Topics of XAT were:

YearXAT Essay Topics
2022Capitalism and Democracy cannot co-exist
2018Ethical Practices and Sustainability: Do they co-exist?
2017Globalization and Jingoism always coexist
2016Technology and Nature are natural enemies

XAT Score Vs. Percentile

The XAT Exam is one of the toughest Management Exams in India. Also, the score for XAT is quite low because of its unique Exam Pattern and Scoring. Let us look into the scores and their percentiles.

Raw XAT ScorePercentile
39- 40.5 99
33- 34 95
31- 32 93
29- 30 90
27- 28 89

Top Colleges To Target With XAT 2025

Apart from the XAMI Member Institutes, over 160 B-Schools in India accept the XAT Score. After discussing the XAT exam syllabus, here’s a list of some of the top B-Schools that you can target with the XAT 2025 Score:

Colleges NameFees (in lakhs)Average Pkg. XAT Cut-off %ile
Xavier School of Management (XLRI), Jamshedpur2730.7 LPA 93 to 95+
Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneshwar (XIMB) 2017.54 LPA 90+
Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA), Ahmedabad2119 LPA86 to 90+
Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad19.517.35 LPA88 to 90+
International Management Institute (IMI), New Delhi21.315.48 LPA87 to 90+
Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM), Chennai18.7512.5 LPA85 to 90+
Institute of Rural Management (IRMA),
11.714.33 LPA82 to 86+
FORE School of Management,
New Delhi
16.914.04 LPA82 to 85+

Where To Prepare For XAT 2025?

The correct approach to ace XAT 2025 requires consistent preparation and regular practice. Know the right strategy and preparation guide by iQuanta.

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