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The Untold Truth About MBA Colleges


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MBA has become one of the most commonly pursued degrees in India. Despite also being one of the most expensive courses, the number of MBA applicants is only increasing by the year. Have you ever wondered why? This is because of the ROI, and not just from the monetary point of view. But then again, you might also have seen people who have an MBA degree working in BPO offices or performing data entry jobs or door-to-door sales. So what according to you makes an MBA degree holder a manager? Why some MBAs are earning 6 LPA and others 30 LPA?

This difference is made by the B-school you pursue your MBA from. Let’s find out why a top B-school MBA has an upper hand.

  • You Get a Business Understanding

An MBA degree from a top B-school changes your perspective and approach towards things. The case study-based approach to situations opens up your mind to different horizons. Your vision might be very limited when you are in college. You might only know things you are taught about. An MBA degree from a top B-school helps you analyze things from a Marketing, Finance, or Business point of view in general.

  • Better Exposure and Self Confidence

A good B-school has a better crowd. They have excelled and cracked the toughest of competitive exams to reach there. They are smart, well aware, and belong to different backgrounds with varying interests. A good B-school means good faculty, good crowd experiences, infrastructure, and salary. Seeing the people around you excel boosts your self-confidence and motivates you to be a better version of yourself. Apart from this, the assignments, presentations, and fieldwork that you’ll be performing also prepare you for what you will be facing in the corporate environment. 

  • Helps You Change Industry

Most of the students in B-schools are from a non-management background. More than 75% of MBA applicants are engineers. Unless you are from IITs and top NITs, the average salary of engineering fresher is around 20 to 25 thousand per month which is not enough to sustain even an average lifestyle in metropolitan cities. The average package of an MBA graduate from a top B-school varies between 20 to 30 Lakhs. Hence, MBA is the best option if you want to switch fields.

  • Great Networking and Alumni

As already mentioned, the people in your batch are those who have cracked the toughest competitive exams in the country and possess different interests and skillsets. So, you are sitting with future CEOs and Managers. This batch is going to stay with you forever. You have seniors who are already sitting in a higher-level management position in top companies and you are going to be next. A top B-school means good networking and smart students. This would create a powerful network for you which in turn would create newer and bigger opportunities.

  • Better Job Opportunities

Most of the big firms and recruiters are nowadays looking for an MBA graduate. In India, a degree speaks very loud. The higher degrees you have, the more eligible you become. Top companies like McKinsey, Bain & Co., etc. offer placements only to top IIMs and other top B-school graduates. These companies offer packages worth more than 25 LPA to the students. ISB Hyderabad straightaway rejects the companies that offer less than 20 LPA to their students. MBA is not a necessity to get a good job but for a business role, it is mandatory. 

IIMs and Top Non – IIMs B-school Average Salary package 

MBA Colleges Average CTC
IIM AhemdabadINR 27.54 LPA
IIM Banglore INR 28.98 LPA
IIM Calcutta INR 34 LPA
IIM Lucknow INR 26 LPA
IIM KozhikodeINR 29.50 LPA
IIM IndoreINR 23.60 LPA
IIM Shillong INR 23.10 LPA
IIM Rohtak INR 16.06 LPA
IIM Ranchi INR 15.02 LPA
IIM Raipur INR 17.73 LPA
IIM Tiruchirappalli INR 14.85 LPA
IIM Kashipur INR 15.21 LPA
IIM Udaipur INR 15.05 LPA
IIM NagpurINR 12.36 LPA
IIM Vishakhapatnam INR 14.63 LPA
IIM Bodh Gaya INR 12.74 LPA
IIM Amritsar INR 12.64 LPA
IIM Sirmaur INR 13.53 LPA
IIM Sambalpur INR 12.64 LPA
IIM JammuINR 13.53 LPA
XLRI, Jamshedpur INR 25.08 LPA
FMS, Delhi INR 26.20 LPA
MDI Gurgaon INR 23.15 LPA
IIFT Delhi/Kolkata INR 21.08 LPA
XIM Bhubaneswar INR 15.15 LPA
IMI New DelhiINR 12.77 LPA
FORE New Delhi INR 10.70 LPA
JAGSOM Bangalore INR 10.21 LPA
IRMA Anand INR 10.76 LPA
TAPMI Manipal INR 11.10 LPA
JBIMS Mumbai INR 23.16 LPA

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