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XAT Course in 2023

iQuanta’s XAT Course in 2023 has been launched. With the XAT 2023 exam being just a few months away, prepare highly relevant material for this major OMET. Get access to live classes, practice sessions, topic-wise assignments, instant 24×7 doubt solving (within 2 minutes), mocks, one-on-one counseling with the faculties, and various other perks.

iQuanta’s XAT Course Details For Students

  • Recorded Videos: 100+ Recorded Videos
  • GA: 500+ XAT Specific GK Questions
  • Live and Practice Sessions : 80+ hours of total Live and practice sessions
  • Practice Questions : 1000+ Practice Questions
  • Mocks : 7 Full length XAT Mocks
  • Doubts : 24×7 Doubt session on dedicated FB Group.

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XAT Exam 2023

XAT 2023 course
XLRI Jamshedpur

XLRI, Jamshedpur administers the XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test), a national-level management entrance test for admission to MBA/PGDM programmes. Over 1,000 B-schools accept XAT marks for admission to their post-graduate management courses, in addition to XLRI and 10 other XAMI member institutes. For admission to one of the several MBA programmes provided by these top B-schools, more than 1,00,000 applicants from all academic fields, apply and take the XAT exam each year. To choose the best candidates for management education, XLRI has been conducting the XAT exam at the national level for more than 70 years. For effective preparation a structured XAT 2023 course is important.

XAT Exam Pattern 2023

In order to efficiently prepare for the XAT 2023 exam, you need to first of all go through the entire XAT 2023 exam pattern and then choose the right XAT 2023 Course for yourself.

iQuanta XAT Course in 2023 Structure & Flow Chart

1. Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning: VALR Course Structure & XAT VALR Syllabus

2. Decision Making : DM XAT Course Structure & DM Syllabus

3. Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation: QADI Course Structure & XAT QADI Syllabus

4. General Knowledge: GK XAT Course Structure & GK Syllabus

iQuanta XAT 2023 Mocks

Features of XAT Course in 2023

What Makes iQuanta the Best XAT Preparation Platform?

1. 24×7 Doubt Solving 

As an aspirant, anyone would want their doubts to be cleared immediately as they arise at any time of the day. This is the ideal situation for any XAT 2023 course. Immediate doubt clarification could be a great addition to your XAT exam preparation.

This is why we at iQuanta provide free doubts solving mechanisms for XAT 2023 course on our Fb group. Therein, you are able to ask your doubts whenever they arise, i.e, 24×7 doubt solving. All you need to do is post your doubts in the group and it will be resolved within 10 minutes of posting.

Know the steps to 24×7 doubt clarification in detail

2. Peer-to-Peer Learning in India’s largest students Community

XAT 2023 community

A community is very important as having a dedicated community at one place will provide you with the necessary support for your XAT 2023 preparation.

In our secret Facebook group and in our public Facebook group, every student studies in a group wherein they learn from each other by asking and solving doubts, sharing strategies and uplifting each other by providing motivation. A functioning ecosystem is built that is engaging as well as informative.

Know more about iQuanta’s peer-to-peer learning and how they managed to create an engaging community.

3. iQuanta’s Interactive Classes : Dual Pedagogy

XAT COurse dual pedagogy

Listening passively has certain disadvantages because one is not actively involved in the learning process. And as we have limited attention spans, any student will not be able to listen attentively for an extended period of time.

Hence, short attention spans can be increased through iQuanta’s dual pedagogy in iQuanta’s XAT 2023 course wherein the focus is not only on teaching theoretical concepts but also application-based learning.

How iQuanta conducts it’s interactive classes?

4. iQuanta’s XAT Past Results 

iQuanta’s quality preparation materials are reflected in their result with more than 60 students getting 99+%ile. It is important to note that this result came from a single place. At iQuanta, our aim is to provide you with value to enable you to get into your dream bschool. Following is a list of toppers from iQuanta’s XAT Course.

Check out the success story of Farzan Shaikh, a student of iQuanta and All India XAT topper down below.

iQUanta XAT topper

If you wish to prepare efficiently with a structured course for XAT, visit the link below.

XAT 2023 course

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