Hacks to Make Your Journey to IIMs Easier

CAT exam is a blend of concept learning, practising, time management and stress handling. These virtues happen to you with time.
But some preparation hacks can get you past the finish line more conveniently. Here’s to iHacks by iQuanta to ace the exam confidently.

iHack 1: Learning through Consistent Practice

Once you have covered all the concepts of a particular chapter, focus on practising. Practice brings more conceptual clarity. Also, you get exposure to a variety of questions under the topic.
CAT rarely asks questions on a single topic. The recent trends show that the questions involve a mixture of 2-3 topics altogether. Hence practising the right content becomes essential. Practice to the point where the concept map starts coming to your mind as soon you see the question. For the right practice material, check out the IIM ABC Batch by iQuanta.

iHack 2: Working on Weaker Areas

Once you start taking mocks, you’ll realize where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Your strength helps you maximize the percentile, whereas your weak areas have two significant roles. First, to alert you about the voids that you need to fill and second, to work on them with all your potential and see significant improvement with time. But if you cannot improve much, you are indicated not to fall prey in the final exam. Leave them and move on. However, if you encounter an easy question from the topic, solve and grab the marks.

iHack 3: Adapting Different Methods

Be flexible enough to learn all possible methods by which a question can be solved. You never know what the question paper holds, which puts you at ease from the perspective of calculation and time. Hence, never limit yourself to learn one method. Flexibility in learning opens up the way to the higher range of percentile.

iHack 4: The Thorough Analysis

Once you have taken the mock and detailed solutions are out, you need to put your total energy into analyzing. Always go through the entire mock test, each question from each section thoroughly. Your correct attempts help you devise alternate, more straightforward methods many a time. Your incorrect attempts reflect the voids you might have in preparation or while attempting. Whereas unattempted questions always bring new lessons. Make sure to note them down and keep revising.

iHack 5: The “Never giving up!” attitude

The CAT journey is full of insecurities and uncertainties. Towards the end of the journey, many aspirants feel insecure about the final results based on mock scores. That’s when the wave of giving up hits. Thinking of giving up when reaching the destination can be the biggest stumbling block in your journey. Never let the spirit of giving up cave in. Even if it is inevitable to stop, never let it stay. Let it go like a wave. Get back to your studies. You got this!

These five iHacks are sure to direct your journey on a smoother path if followed religiously.
All the best for preparation.

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